Sample termination letter to an employee

Sample termination letter to an employee

As you know that our company is having a hard time confronting the challenges posed by the poor economy of our country. The recession has taken a toll on our company and it is bound to lose ten jobs. We are sorry to inform you that, your job is one of them. Effective 10th March’ 2014, you will be no longer a part of our organization.

You will be provided two months’ salary from the aforementioned date, so that you get ample time to find a suitable job for yourself. We are also providing additional benefits to you, details about which are enclosed in the attachment.

We would be happy to refer you to other employers. Best wishes from us for your future.
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  • Sample termination letter to an employee -Deepa Kaushik (03/31/14)
  • Sample letter for termination

    We, M/s. A&M Tyres Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers of Tyres, Tubes and various other rubber products, having major manufacturing locators/plants in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Gujarat, with an annual turnover in excess of 2K crores. I am AK, Chief Manager – HR and Personnel, based at our Corporate Head Office at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We have a combined work force of around 1800 people.

    In the recent past, we are experiencing frequent labour unrests at all the 3 plants and we have identified Mr. XYZ, the Union Leader, who is triggering the entire disruption. As a HR Head, I am utterly hard-pressed to find out an early solution to resolve this deadlock.

    In the ultimate analysis, left with no other option, I am compelled to go ahead with the appropriate procedure for initiating termination option.

    In due consultation with the legal experts and in formal compliance with the Labour Law, Industrial Dispute Act etc., I issued formal show cause notices thrice seeking his formal reply as to why immediate action for suspension be not initiated against him.

    Moreover, in due compliance with the legal formalities, we made it amply clear in those notices that if not responded within 30 days, the employers are lawfully empowered to terminate his services, in vain.

    In view of the above, we A&M Tyres Ltd., hereby formally intimate Mr. XYZ that his services are terminated with immediate effect and give him 15 days further time to respond so that he could be relieved from the services and his dues could be settled in accordance with law. Mr. XYZ is hereby requested to respond in due compliance within 15 days as stipulated therein.
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  • Sample letter for Termination

    This letter represents your official termination as an employee of Abc Organization, effective 1st April 2014. The reason for your termination is misconduct and poor performance at work.

    As it was discussed in our meeting despite several disciplinary measures and warnings given to you but we have observed that there were no improvements. The company also provided retraining program but your work performance has not able to reach the company standards.

    A company such as ours has an obligation to adhere to the most exacting standards of consumer integrity. Due to your poor performance Abc has lost several of its clients as they didn’t find work up to the mark and have rejected your proposals. Since you have demonstrated a willingness to compromise these standards, we cannot in good faith allow to your continued employment with us.

    Please arrange to return all company documents and property. You will be paid any accrued entitlements and outstanding remuneration, including superannuation.

    In spite of your unfortunate false start here at Abc Organizations we genuinely hope you find a bright new beginning for your career.