Sample Thank you letter for Gift

Sample Thank you letter for Gift

I would like to thank you and Bob for giving me such a wonderful birthday gift. As a photographer, I could not have asked for a better present. The digital single lens reflex Nikon camera that you gifted me will really be useful for my professional work. This amazing Nikon 5100 camera can shoot over 12 frames per second and this is ideal for professionals in the field. With such a high end model, I will be able to take really high quality photos. Your gift is also extremely thoughtful and considerate as well. I am touched by this gesture. My colleagues are already envious of my beautiful new camera.

It has some of the most amazing features that will really make it easy to capture high resolution images. I would love to take portrait photographs of you and Bob along with Annie using this camera. Do take out some time from your busy schedules and visit me sometime. It was a wonderful surprise to see you at my birthday party. I know you have been very busy preparing for the conference at Wichita and I am very grateful that you made the effort to be present at my party. I really appreciate the amazing camera that you have gifted me. I will continue to treasure it forever and take really good care of it. Thanks once again for making my birthday really special.
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  • Sample Thank you letter for Gift

    I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the wedding gift sent by you despite the fact that you were physically not present in the wedding. It was really sweet of you to courier the gift by the speed post to reach us at the right time.

    The happiness crossed all the limits when we opened up the wedding present specially sent by you. We were delighted to see the tickets to Singapore and the booking of the famous XYZ resort as our wedding present. You were well aware with the fact that Singapore is our favorite holiday destination and also that we have yet not planned for our honeymoon. You made a point to check out the special deals for the newly weds which offers additional facilities with the accommodation. This gift is going to provide us with the time that we were looking forward to spend with each other. Nothing can be more special than this gift.

    Thanks once again for the love and blessings.