Sample Thank You letter to customer

Sample Thank You letter to customer

We wish to express our sincere thanks to you for choosing our services. Apex Electrical Repair Limited is a leader in its field. Our electricians are skilled professionals with a strong work ethic. We are grateful to you for opting to hire us for the repair work at your mansion. We assure you that we will provide quality service and abide by the terms of the contract. We are aware that your home requires a complete overhaul of electronic sockets and wirings and our professional work crew will handle any concerns that you may have regarding this. We are indebted to you for choosing us over competitors.

Electrical repair work is a delicate job and you need the best services to ensure that your home is safely wired. Good electrical fittings last for years to come. We understand your needs and we are here to provide professional services to you at unbeatable prices. We would also like to thank you for giving us such a prestigious and important assignment. We will ensure complete customer satisfaction so that you are assured of the quality of our services. We are also deeply appreciative of your continued patronage of our services. We are a 40 year old company with extensive experience in the field of electrical repairs. Our staff members are alert, responsive and well trained. We guarantee efficient and timely services so that your confidence in us is well deserved.
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  • Sample Thank You letter to customer

    Behind success of any organization are the prestigious clients like you. It has been a privilege to have you as a valuable customer even in the times when the company was facing the economic turmoil led by the recession.

    We received your order to manufacture another 10000 customized wristbands for the coming promotional event. We assure you to deliver it right on time. We have always made sure to provide you with the best quality work. The company really appreciates the orders that it receives at regular intervals of time. Thanks you for choosing us for manufacturing all the promotional giveaways as and when required.

    It feels great when we are able to meet your expectations. We hope to retain this relationship for the many coming years. Any time you feel that we need to bring some changes in the quality of work we deliver, please let us know. We would be more than happy to receive your valuable suggestions.