Sample transmittal letter for documents

Sample transmittal letter for documents

I am enclosing a copy of the sale agreement and contract with Pentium Online Consultancy Services for buying their office at Belgravia, London. Please go through the agreement and point out any legal errors or inaccuracies in this document. As a lawyer from Harvard Law School with over 40 years of experience, I am sure you are the right person for this job. Please scrutinize the terms of the sale carefully so that there are no contradictions in it. The purchase is for $25 million and this includes the office as well as the parking space at the basement. Pentium Online Consultancy Services is known for its unique official buildings and I am sure that this purchase will benefit my real estate firm greatly. I am hoping to make a neat profit after selling this office to a top client from Dubai. Please go through the terms of the sales agreement carefully to ensure that I am not barred from selling the property within 6 months to any other buyer. Apart from this, I also want you to go through the sales contract and check if there is any misleading legal terminology or factual errors. The management at Pentium Online
Consultancy Services will also be sending me the title deed of the property shortly. I will also be sending you this document as soon as it reaches me so that you can check the authenticity of ownership before I actually buy this office. If you require any more documents from me, please contact me on my cell phone.
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  • Sample transmittal letter for documents

    Please find enclosed the minutes of the last meeting that we had on 28th February 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the allocation of the amount to the different development sectors. It was attended by the departmental heads and the respectable members of the committee.

    Being a non-profitable organization, it is necessary for ABC Group to carefully use the amount of the organization in the right sectors. The donation amount has to be divided in five important sectors which are health, education, cleanliness, blood donation camps and operations for handicapped people. The importance of all the sectors was discussed in the meeting. As per the suggestions given by the members of the committee the allocation is made. The highest allocation is done for the education sector. Apart from it, all the rest sectors will be allocated an equal amount for the use.

    Please review the minutes of the meeting, and check them for accuracy. If there is anything that need to be changed or removed, please let me know. Thanks for the consideration.