Sample transmittal letter for Fax

Sample transmittal letter for Fax

Please find enclosed the fax concerning the particulars of the payment due for repair work carried out at your home from November 8, 2014 to December 9, 2014, as requested.

Attention: Fax Containing Bill And Details Of Repair Work Carried Out By Method Fix Construction Company.

Date and Time: January 8, 2014, Sunday, 8:30 pm, London Time.

To: Mrs. Ayesha Mehta (Apartment Owner/Resident)

Address: C/O Mr. Ashok Mehta, 643, Wisteria Lane, Kensington Gardens, London- 100 9870

Telephone: 668-0897

Mobile/Cell Phone: 99867543622

Fax: 668-66891

From: Mr. Bill Johnson (Manager, Billing and Accounts Documentation Department)
Corporate Office: 201, Meadow Building, Near High Street, Forts Square, Belgravia, London- 100 8907
Phone (Office): 559-4756
Mobile Contact Number: 99784783651
Fax: 559-2346

Number of Pages Faxed: 4 sheets + Cover Page

Contents of Fax: Bill payable for repair work + details of renovation and repair carried out. Breakup of bill is into 2 parts namely overhead costs and service charges.

Fax Regarding: The payment due for repair work.

The cover page and the first 3 sheets contain a total description of the services rendered for your home. This includes overtime charges of supervisors and work personnel for the special request you made that the team should also work on weekdays. The bill is sent as the last sheet in the fax. It has been scrutinized by the Accounts department to ensure that there are no inaccuracies. In case you have any queries, please call your customer representative or sent a fax to our corporate office. Please pay the bill by February 24, 2014.
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  • Sample letter to transmit a Fax

    Date : 28th February 2014
    To : Mr. Aman Arora
    Senior Financial Analyst
    ABC Internationals
    12, Model Town New Delhi.
    Phone: 444-44444
    Fax : 444-44444

    From : Ms. Tanya Arora
    Junior Financial Analyst
    ABC Internationals
    !2, Janki Nagar Indore.
    Phone: 444-44444
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    Number of pages : 05 (Including the cover page)

    Subject : Sample Analysis on Investment on Sugar Sector

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