Sample transmittal letter for Merchandise

Sample transmittal letter for Merchandise

We are shipping the 3 books you have purchased at our company, Amazing We would like to thank you for ordering the books at our online store. We are certain that you will be happy that you choose to make the purchase from us. We are sending the order by Fast Track Shipping Services to your residence. They should reach you by the end of next week, on Friday, September 4, 2014. We are providing the particulars relating to your order below:

Name of Customer: Mary Ann Andrews

Residential Address: 589, Justice Lane, Temple Square, Brinkley Court, Kensington, London-897 459, United Kingdom.

Telephone (Home): 8097-4567

Telephone (Office): 3426-7689

Fax: 346-29338

Mobile: 9807865462


Books Ordered:

1. Book Title: The City of Despair

Author: Tom Smith
Edition: Paperback, 4th Ed.
Year of Publication: 1999
Publisher: John Dickens And Co.

2. Book Title: Joys of Writing: How to Create A Bestseller

Author: Malcolm Donald
Edition: Hardback, 7th Ed.
Year of Publication: 1970
Publisher: Simon Longfellow & Co.

3. Book Title: Performance Appraisal and Motivation: The Key to Effective Human Resource Development

Author: Jeremy Kindling
Edition: Hardback, 8th Ed.
Year of Publication: 2012
Publisher: Merry Book Publishing Private Limited

Please remit $500 to our corporate office by fund transfer. In case there are any queries or concerns regarding your purchase, please contact our customer services division.
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  • Sample letter to transmit a Merchandise

    Thank you for your order of building supplies which includes hardwoods, softwoods, treated lumber and plywood. We have a large inventory of in-stock items so that we can dispatch the order as soon as we receive it. We have done the needful. Please expect it to reach your place by tomorrow evening. Along with the building supplies we have sent you informative buying guides to help you make an informed decision, to walk you through exactly what kind of wood you’ll need for any project. You will find all our products are of premium quality and are durable to withstand all kind of weather changes.

    We have made sure that all the products sent are as per your list. If there is anything left out, please inform us immediately. We will look after the matter. We allow a credit period of 45 days after which the payment has to done by cheque in the favor of ABC Constructions Pvt Ltd. If you need any kind of assistance to know more about the supplies, we can send our sales team for further help.