Sample transmittal letter for report

Sample transmittal letter for report

Please find enclosed my report on the efficacy of using Blue Chip programming software for apartment and facility management systems. As Data Max Software Limited is a key producer of such innovative software, I can appreciate why you wanted our software consultancy firm to examine the viability of the latest programming products created by your team. As the chief researcher and investigator on our staff, I am happy to let you know that the software is 100% accurate in monitoring bill payments and alerting building staff about maintenance requests. Blue Chip is unique software and it uses Java and C++ programming language to ensure that accounts are carefully maintained and data is securely recorded.

It is ideal for apartment owners, builders, real estate firms, housing associations, resident welfare associations, building supervisors and home maintenance staff. The best part about the programming software is its operational efficiency. The data entered using this software is automatically routed to the main server so that information can be accessed from a common platform.

The report also covers any technical issues that may arise if the software is improperly installed. Our investigations have also revealed that the software is easy to use and it requires minimum levels of training to understand how to operate it. The report also contains some suggestions for improving the software. Please contact me if your software development team has any further queries or concerns regarding the report.
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  • Sample transmittal letter for report

    Enclosed is the report on the success of the research calls that we have given to our clients in the last one year.

    It shows the customized report of the calls initiated for the different sectors that include automobiles, banking sector, metals, infrastructure, IT and sugar. The main points covered in the report are:

    • The sector wise frequency of calls given to the clients. It includes the number of calls that were given in each sector.
    • The average calls given per day based on the different parameters which include delivery calls, trading calls and the calls given in the derivatives section.
    • The percentage of the successful calls in the entire period which are also compared on month on month basis.
    • The change in the number of clients calculated on monthly basis.

    As per the findings, it was noticed that the number of clients has significantly increased in the derivatives segment but have dropped in the cash segment. Therefore, to analyze the failure of research calls in cash segment a meeting will be scheduled with the departmental heads in the month end. Overall the company made a considerable progress in last one year and the credit goes to all the sections of the organization. Thanks for the support.