Sample transmittal letter for research

Sample transmittal letter for research

We are proud to announce the conclusion of our questionnaire based survey on the value of herbs for reducing sleep disturbances. Our research has critical importance for hospitals as well as medical clinics and treatment centres across America and the rest of the world. While sleep medication is highly beneficial for curbing anxiety in people and ensuring that they get a good night’s rest, herbs can work wonders as well. Herbs such as Chamomile and Passionflower are ideal for dealing with sleep issues such as insomnia. Our research has also found that the herbs can be easily taken as supplements or in capsule form for best results.

We conducted the survey on patients facing sleep deprivation due to various medical ailments at King’s General Hospital at Ann Arbour, Michigan. Of the 108 respondents in our study, nearly 80% agreed to participate in follow-up investigations as well. We have enclosed a summary and detailed report of our research findings along with this letter. Please read through our research findings for more details regarding the differences between the attitudes of men and women for using herbal products to counter sleep related issues. Our research will go a long way towards establishing the value of herbal medicines sold by your company, Good Health Pharmaceuticals Limited. The innovative herbal health care products designed by Good Health will be very popular once the details of our research disseminated to the public.
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  • RE: Sample transmittal letter for research -Teena Bhatia (03/14/14)
  • Sample transmittal letter for research

    Please find enclosed the research report that you requested in your letter dated 28th February 2014. The research topic was ‘Financial behavior on Investment’. An empirical study is conducted to analyze the investment behaviour and decision making style of individual investors. Data for the study is primarily collected through survey in the form of questionnaires from the retail investors.

    As more and more people are getting inclined towards investing their money in the stock market, we conducted a behavioral research to understand the determinants that affect their investment decisions. As per the economic principles, investors think and behave “rationally” when buying and selling stocks, but our research identifies that individual investors do not think and behave rationally. To the contrary, driven by greed and fear, investors speculate stocks between unrealistic highs and lows. The research states the four basic behavioral dimensions that have a significant impact on investment decisions which are Overconfidence, Investor involvement, Optimism and Risk attitude.

    We have given our best efforts to conduct this research meaningfully and correctly, as much as possible. In case of any queries, please feel free to contact at 98000-00000.