Sample Visa extension letter for tourists

Sample Visa extension letter for tourists

I (Melanie Jones) request an extension of my B-2 tourist visa so that I can remain in Australia for a longer period of time. I require the extension so that I can make a complete tour of the Australian outback and visit famous tourist destinations such as Sydney and Melbourne. I have also been unable to visit the Great Barrier Reef so far. I need the extension so that I can explore Australia more thoroughly. I am currently residing at the Hilton Hotel at Adelaide in suite 101. My work commitments and hectic schedule disallow me from taking multiple vacations. I am keen to visit all the popular spots in Australia on this trip. I have been granted authorization to stay on till August 26th 2014.

I need 2 additional weeks so that I can travel across Australia and visit all the top spots for tourists. I wish to extend my stay in Australia till September 10th 2014, so that I can tour the country in a comprehensive manner. I will be residing in the Hilton chain of hotels during my entire stay at Australia across different cities. I am attaching my visa documents as well as travel insurance and banking statements for your perusal. Please contact me in case further documentation is needed from me. My mobile number is 0-9986478571. I will ensure that I do not stay beyond the authorized date, should the extension be granted.
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  • RE: Sample Visa extension letter for tourists -JuCon (07/30/14)
  • hi.. my mother in law is currently here in the US on B2 visa. i would like to extend her stay here, and we will be filing the extension through USCIS ELIS ( online application).
    She is filling up the online application with the help of me and my wife.
    For the visa extension letter, is there any problem if we will make a letter in her behalf?
    She can read and speak english but she is not articulate in terms of writing a formal letter.
    Is it OK if the letter is on her behalf only?
    Anyone who has experienced this kind of situation?
  • RE: Sample Visa extension letter for tourists -Teena Bhatia (03/14/14)
  • Sample Visa extension letter for tourists

    I am writing on behalf of my parents to please extend their stay in the United States. Presently they are here on B2 visa and are allowed to stay in the United States till 21st April 2014. They wish to extend it by another 4 months. Please find enclosed the application and the documents with the extension letter.

    My parents came to the United States to explore the beautiful city. Till this time they have hardly managed to see a part of the place. They cannot travel all day long and therefore it becomes really tough to visit more than one place in a single day. After a long time I have managed to call them to stay with me for few months. And seeing their age I am not sure whether they would be able to commute such a long journey next time or not. Moreover, my job leaves me with the limited spare time to spend with my parents.

    Please find enclosed the required documents for the extension process:

    • Copy of form I-94
    • Copy of all pages of passport, bio-data and visa pages.
    • Copy of return airline tickets
    • Form I-134 and bank statements.

    I request you to please consider the application for extended stay. In case of any concerns, feel free to contact me at 656-282-3237.