Sample visa letter from employer

Sample visa letter from employer

This letter is to request for an H-7 visitor’s visa for our employee Mr. Ashok Singh. We hereby confirm that Mr. Singh is an employee of Microsoft Corporation in the US. He is a permanent employee of this company. He is currently working full time as a software engineer at the Redmond office at Washington D.C. Mr. Singh has been employed at Microsoft Corporation since December 8th 2011. He is earning $100,000 per annum at his current work designation. He is a disciplined and motivated employee at our company. Please find enclosed the following relevant documents required for the processing of the visa:

• Travel Insurance
• Bank Statement
• Passport Xerox
• Employee Verification Details
• Employee Identification Proof

He is being sent as a company representative to the Annual Informatics Conference at Sydney, Australia for the duration of one week starting from August 27th 2014 and ending on September 4th 2014. He will be required to stay in Australia from August 27th 2014 to September 6th 2014 for attending this conference. His accommodation and living expenses for the entire period of his stay will be covered by the company. His traveling costs will also be met by Microsoft Corporation’s US office. The visa is required for the period from August 26th 2014 to September 6th 2014 as the additional days are required to accommodate traveling arrangements including flight plans and reservations at the hotel. Mr. Singh will be residing at the Sheraton Hotel at Sydney in suite 203 for the entire length of his stay. We request you to grant the visa so that he will be able to attend the conference in his official capacity.
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  • Sample visa letter from employer

    I am writing to confirm that Mr. Aman Arora is an employee of XYZ Finance International. He is with the company from last two years and is working on the profile of Senior Financial Analyst. The remuneration received by Mr. Aman is $50000 per year. We would like to retain Mr. Arora on permanent basis with the company and therefore request you to consider the application for the process.

    Working as a Financial Analyst, Mr. Arora is required to take care of the complex financial data of the company. He works on the financial models and assists in the forecasting process. The main task is to look after the financial health of the company. Financial Analysis covers fundamental analysis, ratio analysis, financial modeling and valuation. He is involved in the in-house research and puts in a lot more efforts in the progress of the company.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us on 234-567-8901.