Sample visa letter to embassy

Sample visa letter to embassy

I (Jeremy Gibson) request a multiple entry H-8 visa for the United States valid for a period of 40 days. I am travelling to New York for medical treatment which I urgently require. I am suffering from multiple fractures due to an automobile accident and I require 4 surgical operations to restore mobility to my limbs. I am scheduled to undergo operation on July 31st, August 2nd and 25th and September 24th for this purpose. The surgeries have been slated at the New York Hospital in the Queens area at Flushing, NY. My important details are stated below:

Name: Jeremy Michael Gibson

Address: 24, Wisteria Lane, Hill Drive, Sydney, Australia- 300986758

Telephone: +61 0011 48230

Occupation: Swimming Instructor (Currently working at Hilton Resorts at Sydney)

I am enclosing the following medical documents along with this letter:

• X-Ray Report
• Treatment History Records
• Hospital Admittance Receipts
• Doctor’s Report

I am also attaching a copy of my passport and insurance details. Please also find enclosed my bank documents.

My treating physician at Sydney is Dr. William Bond. I was referred to Dr. Edmund Smith at the New York Hospital in Queens by him. Dr. Smith is attending to my case at New York and he is a surgeon and orthopaedic expert. The surgeries have been scheduled at New York Hospital following careful examination by Dr. Smith. I request you to please grant me the visa so that I may undergo surgery that I critically need. Please contact me regarding any queries about my application.
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  • Sample visa letter to embassy

    This serves to certify that I am Ms. Tanya Arora and employed by the company XYZ Financials System. I am working as a Senior Financial Analyst. I am assigned to work at the office based at New York, USA. My annual gross income is $60000. I wish to invite my sister Ms. Sanya Arora to attend my marriage in month of August 2014. She is presently living in India at 14 Janki Nagar. Indore.

    The purpose of her visit is to become a part of her only sister’s marriage. It is a much awaited opportunity for me as well as for her. My parents expired when I was 8 years old and just have my sister as a part of my family. During her visit she will be staying with me at my home and all the expenses incurred during this trip would be borne by me. It includes everything right from the air fare to the housing and medical insurance.

    As soon as the event is over, she will be flying back to India. I request you to please consider the application for my sister’s tourist visa to the United States of America.
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us on 234-567-8901.