Sample welcome letter to new shareholders

We would like to convey a warm welcome to our new shareholders at the start of this financial year. Our company, Green Fields Private Limited is devoted towards providing educational solutions for adult learners. We are also focused on providing unlimited growth opportunities to organizations in the educational sector. We are the largest company in the world for raising funds for a wide variety of institutes and organizations in the field of education. As our shareholders, you are cordially invited to the Annual Green Fields Shareholders Meeting at 9 am at our company headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Our shareholder’s meeting will discuss the growth and expansion plans of the company in several Asian countries such as Singapore and India.

We are enclosing a report of our financial performance in the last 20 years so that you can appreciate our stupendous financial growth and massive growth projections for the coming years. We are also sending you a brochure about our company products and history so that you can gain good understanding of our corporate profile. We appreciate your decision for buying our company shares and we will be providing bonus share dividends to all our new investors for the coming financial year. Please find enclosed our quarterly profits report as well. This will give you an estimate about the possible rise in share prices as we progress to the next year.
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  • Sample welcome letter to new shareholders

    We would like to congratulate you on your decision to become a valuable shareholder of ABC Internationals. We are an IT company which is into the business of providing technology solutions to the various industries from last 35 years. Fiscal 2013 was a year of improved performance, recovery, consolidation and new explorations for us. The global economic climate posed several challenges, but we made the best use of our resources and abilities for growth.

    We managed to achieved a growth of 18% in rupee terms and 20% in US$ terms as compared to the projected revenue growth of 15% and 17% respectively. This performance was achieved on the strength of global competitiveness of the company’s operations and continued leadership in domestic markets.

    We have managed to stay in the top five industries of India during this year. The company has achieved this growth while maintaining a careful and conservative financial profile. Please find enclosed the shareholders report for the detailed information.

    We will do everything to enhance the value of your investments in the long run and to give you good returns in the short run. We welcome your questions, ideas, and suggestions for improving our services and products. We hope to get the continuing and wholehearted support in the coming years.