Sample welcome letter to new vendor

Sample welcome letter to new vendor

We would like to welcome you as our vendor for the Summer Spring project at Nancy’s Fashionable Apparels Private Limited. We value our relationship with our vendors. Our vendor partnerships are 20 to 30 years old. We select vendors based on their suitability for our company profile and products. We will be providing you with details regarding the procedures and policies for all our vendors. Please find enclosed our recommendations for vendor set-up requirements so that you can make the appropriate arrangements to ensure effective functioning. We would also like you to visit our website so that you can view our terms and conditions. Please read the section on guidelines for new vendors as this is designed to ensure operational
efficiency and ensure that our vendors benefit from the corporate alliance we have with them.

You will be receiving purchase orders once you meet all our set-up and operational requirements. Please contact Ms. Jennifer Smith at the Accounts and Billing department so that you can understand how the invoices will be processed. Make sure that you check with us regarding any outstanding payments once you start receiving purchase orders from us. Please note that we do not guarantee that you will receive more than 100 purchase orders in a month, as per the terms of our contract. However, we will attempt to facilitate the highest number of orders in a month so that you can make good profits. Nancy Fashionable Apparels Private Limited looks forward to a valuable and productive relationship with you.
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  • RE: Sample welcome letter to new vendor -Teena Bhatia (03/14/14)
  • Sample welcome letter to new vendor

    We are pleased to appoint you as a vegetables and fruits vendor in our restaurant ‘Taste Bud’. The management of ‘Taste Bud’ believes in maintaining long term business association with their vendors.

    As you are aware we have a wide reach in the various cities in the entire state, we demand high volumes and require consistency, portion control, and other product characteristics across time and outlets. We want all the delivery made right on time. Due consideration should be paid to the quality of the products. Also, personal relationships with both suppliers and customers remain a cornerstone of exchange in food service.

    The restaurant has a different account department for vendors to initiate the payments. All the invoices and related queries should be directed to the applicable department. Please confirm the account details and the correspondence address with the concerned department.

    If you require any kind of change in the pre-defined conditions on payment or delivery, contact Mr. Aman the person in-charge of the supplies department. We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me at 98000-00000 with any questions you may have.