Sangh Pariwar hotheads are adversely affecting Modi Govt’s development agendas

Sangh Pariwar hotheads are adversely affecting Modi Govt’s development agendas


The connection that BJP shares with Sangh Pariwar is no news but there is something about this old connection that should be giving sleepless nights to Modi if his promises of a developed India are to be believed. Majority of the Indian population is of the view that the Sangh Pariwar hotheads are adversely affecting the development agendas framed by PM – the same agendas that got India believing that the present government is just the most ideal one under the sun. The ideologies of the Sangh Pariwar hotheads gets PM in trouble from time to time and he would have already started regretting the link if his promises are to be believed.

Yes, they are:

1 The ideology of Hindutva is to the most extreme level amongst Sangh Pariwar hotheads and one of the most obvious reasons why they stand by BJP is the belief that the present government would support them in spreading their religious dogma. The influence they have in return to the support is hindering Modi’s development agendas.

2 ‘Love jihad’ – one of the most talked about controversy of recent times, though failed miserably, captured a lot of attention which ought to have been given to the development of the nation. Though Modi did not comment in this matter but the very fact that he could do nothing to stop Sangh Parivar from creating false stories itself made people suspicious.

3 The ‘gharwapsi’ or the conversion row was also a strategy laid down by the Sanghs and RSS to which the government had to answer. There were demands for creating anti-conversion laws. When the government is busy dealing with extreme religious controversies, then does it leave space for development plans to progress?

4 For a secular country like India, it takes more than just a few development proposals to prosper. Making plans and strategies would do no good until they are implemented independently by the government. With the influences of RSS and Sanghs, it has become difficult for the government to act independently. Either there is silence to the wrong doings of these groups or irrelevant controversy over it.

5 PM Narendra Modi has incurred faith amongst people of the country to bring them a brighter and better future, necessary changes and a developed nation of ‘acche din.’ The hopes that people held when Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India is thinning with criticism of ‘u turn’ and no action only big talks. It is time when Modi should stop being manipulated by the Sangh hotheads and act independently.

6 This year’s election was not BJP against Congress; instead it was Modi against Congress. The development agendas that Modi talked of are definitely progressive and would bring about good times for the nation but the only reason they have not been implemented is due to distractive involvements with the Sangh Pariwar hotheads.

No, they are not:

1 Modi government is not dependant on Sanghs or RSS in any way except for the support and coalition they together form. Being at the highest position of the country’s administration, Modi or his development agendas do not need the consent of the Sanghs to be implemented. Their involvement is not responsible for the plans not being put into action.

2 Modi not only spoke against the conversion rows and extremism of any kind in the name of religion, but also went ahead to propagate development programs like ‘swacch bharat mission’ and many more. Implementation of programs that require changing age old dogmas need time and that is the only reason for the delay and not the involvements of the Sangh Pariwar.

3 Blaming the Sanghs for the underperformance of the government about the promises it made is not justified. It is just another media-born hype attached with a survey of like minded people who would rather shift blames than accept reality.


Though it is obvious that any government involved with an extreme religious group is bound to face controversies often, yet the Modi government has proved its stand from time to time. It is necessary than PM should execute the development agendas without paying heed to the nonsensical hypes created by the Sangh Pariwar hotheads. The hopes of the people are still on the Modi led government which is the reason why majority of the people would blame the Sanghs and Hindutva promotion for hampering the development agendas of the government. It is time when government should fulfill the promises before the hopes starts diminishing.
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  • RE: Sangh Pariwar hotheads are adversely affecting Modi Govt’s development agendas -Deepa Kaushik (01/07/15)
  • Sangh Pariwar hotheads do have their own way of proceeding. Prime Minister Modi must be well aware of all these loops and knots before getting support from them. Their process would always differ from Modi’s agendas of a good developing economy.

    As far as we have seen through the above discussion, every concern by Sangh Pariwar revolves around religion and their religious preachings. It is not creating any specific hindrance to the working of Modi on his agendas, nor do they appear to be an obstacle to get his economy focussed agendas get passed, but the only concern is their hunting for irrelevant issues causing a matter of controversy or agitation across the country.

    We should not forget to get our much fast and zooming media to limelight. As they are the ones who are capable of getting a worthless topic on to the headlines and make that the hot topic of discussion amongst the common man. if they can work with some work ethics for their publicising the concerns, many of such topics would go unseen and unobserved by the common man, and a heavy pressure could be avoided in the process of an efficient governance.

    India has moved a long way ahead in the footprints of negativity and resolving the same and bringing the country back to the era of honesty is not all that easy. If not the Sangh Pariwar, it would be someone else coming up with one or the other issue. Mr. Modi who has come to this post with high goals and missions, promising some great agendas for a better and brighter India, must have thought of all these minor and major obstacles in his success path well before taking the power. Giving these issues to be an obstacle now would appear to be lame excuse for a sensible citizen.

    These agendas would keep up surfacing now and then. They can delay the implementation of the agendas, but they can’t be considered a reason for non-implementation of any of the plans. Precisely speaking, Sangh Pariwar is a small peak for a person like Modi with a big vision of a powerful and efficient India.
  • RE: Sangh Pariwar hotheads are adversely affecting Modi Govt’s development agendas -vivek (01/06/15)
  • Sangh parivar is not adversly affecting govt devlopment because sangh is doing his work & modi govt is doing his work
    Sangh parivar is a social not political party