Sania Mirza’s appoint as Telangana’s brand ambassador - should we be discussing it?

Sania Mirza’s appoint as Telangana’s brand ambassador – should we be discussing it?

Media and political parties are very busy discussing about the appointment of Sania Mirza as the brand ambassador of Telangana. All the news channels are making a hype of the matter. It is sad that political leaders have questioned the nationality of Sania Mirza. But still is it really such a big issue that the entire nation is discussing about it. In the midst of all this stuff, it seems that government is ignoring other important issues. So, Sania Mirza’s appoint as Telangana’s brand ambassador – should we be discussing it?


• It is important to discuss the matter as Sania Mirza is a star iconic player of the country who cannot be insulted on caste grounds.

• It is not a small matter as it is indirectly connected with the rival country, Pakistan. The matter is making noise because Sania Mirza is married to Pakistani.

• PM Narendra Modi led NDA government is always criticized by the minority group. And a comment from the BJP leader can affect the image of BJP government.

• If the matter is not paid attention, it can convey wrong message to the minority groups that is against secularism.

• The new angle in the case can be of women powers after the marriage. Does BJP leader wants to convey the traditional message that girls are husband’s wealth after marriage?

• Sania Mirza has always disrespected the Indian flag in the past. So, it is fair enough to question or discuss her new role?


• The famous celebrities including film stars, sports icons, political leader have the habit of making news. Controversy and fame always go hand in hand.

• There are so many important issues that government should focus on. The most important matter is related to the geopolitical tensions arising on international platform.

• Medak Mishap that happened in Telangana needs more consideration. In the sad incident little kids lost their lives due to the negligence of government and driver.

• It is more importantly about the role of media. It should bring light on other important problems of country rather than discussing Sania Mirza.

• Brand ambassador is just a position that can be fulfilled by anyone. Discussing about it will bring no good to society.


There are so many problems existing in the country. Discussing on the topic of brand ambassador is a complete waste of time. Celebrities are always linked to controversies. But again if the matter is seen from the perspective of minority group, and not from the angle of star, the debate could be justified. Calling Sania Mirza as an outsider is the disrespect of the minority group living in India.
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  • RE: Sania Mirza’s appoint as Telangana’s brand ambassador – should we be discussing it? -Deepa Kaushik (07/29/14)
  • Discussing the appoint of Sania Mirza as Telanaga’s brand ambassador is definitely important. We are living in a democratic set-up, and the view of the citizens is of utmost importance. The appoint couldn’t have raised the concern to this extent provided Sania wouldn’t have married a foreigner.

    Sania being married to a Pakistani national is her personal affair and she has complete liberty to opt her personal life. But looking through the strainous relationship with Pakistan, such an appoint and that too as the brand ambassador of an Indian state could definitely raise many concerns and agitations throughout the country.

    To be precise, not only discussing the matter, but we need to come to a strong decision regarding Sania’s appoint. This issue requires a deep analyses and firm decision before going ahead with the appoint, as we need to make sure of the living conditions in both the countries.