SAP Labs aptitude placement paper

I was searching for a job since last year and finally my search ended with a placement at SAP Labs. Thanks to God and my parents. The questions they asked in aptitude test were not tough but definitely tricky. They don't ask you just plain matheatics, it has an element of reasoning also. Some of the questions I remember are:

876, 765, 654, 543, …….
a.) 430 b.) 431 c.) 432 d.) None of these.

Put + or – between the numbers to obtain the given result.
7 3 12 13 9 = 14
a.) + - + - b.) + + + - c.) - - + + d.) - + - +

One word in the set doesn’t belong to the group. Mark the odd one out.
a.) Stumps b.) Pitch c.) Ball d.) Bat e.) Cricketer

Choose the word that is similar to the relationships in the words given.

Science, Mathematics, History

a.) Sums b.) Tuition c.) Lessons d.) Recreation e.) Geography

A car is running at a speed of 110km/h. what is the distance covered in 10 second?
a) 31meters b) 30.5meters c) 30 meters d) 29.5meters

If the sum of money at simple interest doubles in 12 years, it will become 5 times in
a) 48 years b) 36 years c) 24 years d) 56 years
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