SAP verbal ability questions and answers

Hi Friends,

My one year of job search ended with finding a placement at SAP at last. I am happy that my hard work ultimately paid off.

The test had some questions on English also....basic grammar, paragraphs followed by some questions etc.
Those preparing for MBA or GRE find it quite easy to solve the.

Questions were like -

a.) insulting b) ugly c)wicked d) dark

a.) substitute b) foster c) substantiate d) cure

Fill in the blanks
What passes ____ education today is just an exercise in memory building.
a.) in b.) for c.) about d.) by

He is addicted ____ such vulgar books.
a.) about to read b.) on reading c.) to reading d.) for reading

If you appear for a test at SAP, I hope you find these inputs useful.

Good luck
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