Sapient Nitro Placement Procedure and tips

hey guys sapient Nitro visited my college in aug 2014. Initially they started with online test which was conducted by aspiring minds. The question was easy to medium level. But you have to score good marks so as to qualify for the PI.There were quant, English and few C questions in the written. They shortlisted 18 from 140 students.After that they started the interviews.first was the technical interview. Questions was from OOPS, DBMS,Simple Puzzles , the project and few coding problems. Those who qualified from the technical interview were immediately called for the HR interview. HR interview was simple and questions will be from ur cv and ur areas of interest.

Know ur CV very well.
U should be able to explain ur project very well.
Never let them feel that u will switch the company or u have interest in any other company.
Be very confident even if u don't know the answer very well.
Study all the famous puzzles asked in various companies.
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