Schools without a playground should be shut down

Schools without a playground should be shut down

In the metros, where there is laxity of space, there are many schools which do not have play grounds in their vicinity and even though the government is not considering the option of shutting down schools without playground as per the rules lined by the government. Should schools with no playground be shut down?

Children lack the amenities; by going in the playground it gives them certain physical activities and time to refresh their minds of the studies. The need for physical training is a must especially in today’s time where physical activity is least. Playgrounds also help children to develop interest in various sports and may also develop into their career. With playgrounds in the school, activities like running, basket – ball, football games are being played which not only helps in maintaining the physical well - being of the child but also helps in increasing their height.

Already many of the societies do not have playgrounds because of lack of space and if even schools stop providing playgrounds, children will completely be out of habit of playing outside and will be limited to just indoor games like video games and x- boxes, hence spoiling their eyes and limiting their interests as well and making the child just limited to bookish exposure. Traditionally, there was no facility of gym or any other classes to maintain the health of the individuals, but yet people were more fit including the children and had more stamina but today we have more and more facilities but no stamina amongst the children to do and conduct physical activities. With playgrounds in the school, people also have the opportunity to take part in March past and other cadet activities and can also have once more career option open for them. Apart from the physical wellbeing and careerist opportunities, children get the time to make friends and communicate with their friends in the break time hence enabling a few of them to overcome the problem of expressing. And if there are no playgrounds in the school, every school provide a lunch hour, what the children will do in that hour; they will just waste their time in gossiping.

Hence playgrounds are very important in schools as school is one place where you don’t just acquire knowledge through books but you are developed as a whole and into a good or bad personality. And by just providing a playground in the school will not be enough but it is mandatory for the schools to give compulsory period for sports and physical training as subjects so that all the students should indulge into sporting and physical training activities in the school.
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  • RE: Schools without a playground should be shut down -Hazel Shirley (03/23/18)
    A School without a playground is Like......

    A plant without roots,

    A tree without land,

    A stream without water,

    A mother without Love,

    A father without responsibility,

    A brother without care,

    A sister without affection,

    A politician without values,

    An employee without punctuality,

    A citizen without patriotism,

    A passion without progression.

    A country without freedom,

    A life without food, shelter, and clothing.

    Above all an innocent child who screams aloud in silence........,
    for a listening heart, caring mind and embracing Soul to provide the primary needs of the life.

    Tell me why.....!?

    If the child isn't meant to play for 2 to 3 hours in every single day,

    If the time-table in the School doesn't claim the importance to make the child play...!

    Then why do the parents and elders these days......,

    walk, jog, run and play to maintain the Healthy Heart and for the peaceful life as they Pray....?

    - Hazel Shirley -
  • RE: Schools without a playground should be shut down -Ramesh (02/15/15)
  • That is right. Our city planners have not left any space for the schools and play grounds.
    We need to reclaim the lost play grounds and punish the corrupt city planners.
    More the play grounds, healthier will be our citizen and our nation, lesser pollution in the cities, lower hospital bills and lower tax burden.
  • RE: Schools without a playground should be shut down -Deepa Kaushik (04/24/14)
  • It sounds very strict to ask to shut down the schools without playground, but children need to play to have a healthy physical and mental growth. The necessity of the playground in the schools cannot be emphasized in any better way than passing such stringent laws.

    There are many schools who give much importance to the studies, but they fail to provide any importance to the sports. Games and sports are equally important for the students, and the sports in itself is a big stream to learn new techniques and rules with respect to different sports.

    Just having a playground does not qualify a school as a good one. There are many schools having big grounds that they claim to be playground for the kids, but it is actually nothing more than a left over piece of land covered by weeds all over. There are many others with well-maintained grounds but they lack the sports equipment for the students.

    To be precise, just having a playground is not enough to qualify the school as a good one, but they also need to fulfil the infrastructure related to the same. Hence, even those schools which lack the infrastructure towards the sports need strict rules and regulations.