Schools without playground should be shutdown.

Schools without playground should be shutdown.

With Smriti Irani as the HRD Minister, schools are under immense pressure to give equal importance to sports and games as academics. Starting with the debate on fixing Saturdays as sports day, we have now entered the serious discussion for the value of play ground in schools. Can the school management actually arrange for any sports activities without a playground in their school premises? Do sports hold that much importance for the development of children? The discussion opens up endless doors of questions to shower-in regarding the value of games and sports in a student’s life. Is it wise to say that schools without playgrounds should be shut down?


- Playground should be essential criteria to set up a school. Sports make equal importance for the proper physical growth of children. A school without playground cannot help students to attain proper physical developments.

- Playground helps in the development of social skills, imagination and creativity, with the ability to find the solution for the problems. The lack of playground in schools makes the education incomplete.

- Physical education is a separate stream, which guides about the various sports to play and develop physical strength which demands appropriate playground.

- To take Indians ahead in international sports events, we need to start up the spark at the root level. Without a playground the schools cannot provide training to the kids.

- “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Every mind needs to relax a bit during the busy schedule of mental work. Without a playground, the school cannot teach the correct practical implication of this phrase.


- If children need a break from their busy study classes that could be a music class or some indoor games which does not require a proper playground.

- Keeping playground as criteria for closing down the schools is not a fair play. The school has ample things to do other than searching for a playground.

- There are several sports complexes, clubs and stadiums which could provide required exposure to the interested children to nurture their talent in sports. To prepare the aspirants for international sports events, just providing a playground would not suffice, but that would call for specialised coaches which will reflect on the fee structure for the parents to pay. Not everyone can afford the same.

- Children often mess up things during their sports classes and this is nothing but a distraction from studies. Many children lack concentration following sports classes due to physical weariness.


Giving importance to sports is a fair demand, and schools should necessarily accommodate sport events as a part of their curriculum. Though a playground cannot coach children, but it can definitely help in letting out the hidden talent inside. Parents or teachers can help a talent within the child to boost up his career in the relevant direction only if they have the favourable environment. One of the main reasons for a country to lag behind in sports is that they fail to include the value of sports from the childhood itself. Keeping this broad spectrum in mind, it is very much justified to shut down schools without a playground.
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  • RE: Schools without playground should be shutdown. -Mukteshwar (09/11/14)
  • As mentioned by Ms. Teena that play grounds are also important along with the studies. I would like to add few more points in this . School without a plal ground is same as providing children half nutrition as needed by them . Play grounds are having their own importance in children life . These playgrounds make children learn to take risk in their life if they want success . Along with the studies playing for the children is equally important . Although there are many clubs and sports complex for the sports but in today's scenario it is not possible for the children to go to clubs and sports complex after the tiring day . It will be very difficult for a child to manage both study as well as his/her hobbies if he has to go to sports club after his/her school . Indoor games are good but a/c to me outdoor games are best because they help the children in their overall development .
  • RE: Schools without playground should be shutdown. -Teena Bhatia (09/11/14)
  • I would like to start the debate with one statement that playgrounds is just not about playing games, instead it is about instilling a feeling of life and joy in students. It is one of the ways through which children can let off the steam from their hearts and minds. In the present world, not only adults but children also are facing huge levels of stress. Also, they are unable to disclose their problems and stress to their parents as they are busy in their lives. In such a scenario, outdoor games played on playground can help the children to develop coordination, balance and physical and mental strength.

    Children can identify their strengths in area of sports only when they get an opportunity in school to come out and play on grounds. If there are no playgrounds in schools, children are confined to just four walls where the focus remains on studies. When they return home, again the focus shifts on homework and in the rest of time they indulge in mobile games or other indoor games. So, they are not able to get the surroundings where they can become a part of physical activity. Outside games are open ended and instills enthusiasm and confidence in students. They learn to communicate, they learn to share and moreover they learn about healthy competition. Children get to know about self-care skills to face the challenges. Although playgrounds should be there in schools, but still schools cannot be shutdown in absence of playgrounds. The one popular quote justifies everything, “All work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”