Scope of a profession in food technology in India

What is the scope of a profession in food technology in India?

Food technology has a huge scope in India. This ever flourishing and ever growing industry has given over million employment opportunities to people in our country. It is one of the safest careers to choose from. You can work in industries like food processing industry, soft drink manufacturing industry; also as quality control analyst at restraunts and cafes, hotels, one can also make their career in research field. Following are the sectors\companies where you can find employment opportunities:

• Food caterers

• Dairy farms

• Retailers

• You can work as quality control executives or analysts at restraunts \hotels

• Food packaging industries

• Food processing companies and manufacturing industries

• Seed producing companies

• Food catering business

• Food suppliers

• The food corporation of India which is a public sector undertaking firm, handles purchase, storage, transport, export \import and distribution of food items such as food grains, rice, pulses etc. gives employment opportunities to large number of people.

• Other few options are bakeries, poultry, meat and fish cutters.

• You can also work as a teacher or a lecturer in schools\colleges.

• You can also look for fellowship programmes in the department of food technology in case
you have a background in biochemistry, organic chemistry, food biotechnology, bacteriology, toxicology.

• Self-employment is also another option that you can think of.
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