Scope of Jewellery designing nationally and internationally.

Is there ample scope of Jewellery designing in India and that on a global level?

India is famous for its ornamental jewellery and is the largest gems and Jewellery market in the world with an approximate market of Rs. 63,000 crore. With the upcoming trends and people becoming more style conscious jewellery has become an integral part of their everyday attire. This has led to increase in demand of ornamental jewellery in the market and hence rise in employment opportunities’ for Jewellery designers. With more new brands coming in the market one can easily find jobs in this industry with exciting salary packages.

In addition to this, many brands require freelance designers too so you can become a freelance designer or start your own retail and trading business too.

In short, the scope of Jewellery designing is India is evergreen and this industry is expected to prosper in the coming years providing millions of jobs to people in India.

In global markets, much skilled and professionally qualified jewellery designers are in demand. You can be hired by fashion hubs to create designer jewellery and accessories for their brand.

A good amount of experience is an add on in landing you a job in an international jewellery designing company.
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