Score higher in Mathematics 12th board exams- Tips and Tricks

Score higher in Mathematics 12th board exams- Tips and Tricks

Mathematics can be the most scoring subject in your XIIth board exams. The more you practise, the higher you can score. Most of the students think that they can just go through the topics several times and that is enough to score well. It is only through constant practise and time management that you can score high in mathematics.

Many students have the tendency of reading out mathematics like literature. At that point of time you may get the confidence that you are done with your preparation. But when you actually appear for the exam, things seem different. When you see a particular question in the question paper you know how you have to start it but in many of the sums you get stuck at a particular step or the other. Most of the equations may work according to a particular formula but there can be exceptions too. At such times practice comes in use.


You need to be thorough with all the questions of the NCERT book as most of the questions are based on that book. Solve all the examples in the book. Only integration and 3D need to be practised more. Don't go for any other reference book until you have completed NCERT as there are chances of getting confused.

Difficult chapters should be given extra time and while studying you should note down the important formulae that will be helpful while practising the problems. Solve previous years' question papers as well as sample papers which will increase your overall speed.

There are certain formulae that need to be followed with some specific rules. For example, if you are using quadratic formula you need to change the equation to quadratic form first. So special attention should be given to such formulae. In the same way, you have to work on Integration formulae where you cannot memorise everything without knowing the principles behind it.

Solving each and every question is a must including all the examples and miscellaneous exercises. If you are done with the NCERT book and if you still have enough time left, then you can refer to books of authors like R.D. Sharma and R.S. Aggarwal. You can score more marks from Calculus portion so do prepare that properly.


This is a small piece of advice. While appearing for exam you get 15 minutes' time to read the question paper. So utilise that time to the fullest and decide how much time you have to give to which problem. It is better to start with Section C, then Section B and then Section A. This can help you cover the questions having maximum marks first. So, if in case you run out of time, the loss will be less.

In all the problem-based questions, list down what information is provided in the question and what you have to find out. Moving in a systematic way will help you solve it easily without complicating the problem.

I hope you are able to relate to this article till now and know what your weaknesses are. So, in these last two months don't just waste time studying in your regular style. Now it is time to make strategies of getting high scores than just trying to complete the syllabus.

All the Best for your exams, practise well!
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