SEHAT: Fulfilling The Social Mission of Digital India

SEHAT: Fulfilling The Social Mission of Digital India

Question: SEHAT is a scheme which has been launched to empower rural citizens through intervention of digital technologies. Provide an overview of this scheme.

- Digital inclusion has received a boost with the launch of SEHAT for furthering the commitment of the government to empower rural citizens

- This is an initiative to empower rural citizens for accessing information, knowledge, skills and other services in numerous sectors to fulfil the mission of Digital India

- Government is also working for mainstreaming the underprivileged and weaker sections of society to come at par

- SEHAT aims at social and economic inclusion for an enlightened India

- CSC will become a change agent for enabling family members to acquire computer skills and vocational training resulting in digital empowerment and enhancement of family income

- CSCs play a vital role in e-commerce and enable rural artisans and farmers to sell goods and services across India and the world

- Post offices include EDPOs made at multi service delivery points

- All CSCs can be delivered to citizens through the post offices

- Postal departments also received a payment bank license and collaboration between CSC SPV and postal department all the CSC across the nation will be providing banking services to Indians

- SEHAT also focuses on digital literacy and making each home e-literate

- Quality and affordable health care is a need for citizens in rural areas

- Tele consultation services are extended to 60,000 CSCs across the nation

Facts and Stats

- At least 1 Common Service Centre is being set up for the Digital India objective

- Around 2,50,000 points of access for delivery of services of governments to citizen services will be set up
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