Seychelles - Features of Maritime Security Co-operation & advantages of Blue Economy to India

Seychelles – Features of Maritime Security Co-operation & advantages of Blue Economy to India

Question - Blue economy is the way forward, according to PM Narendra Modi who is currently on a three nation tour in the Indian Ocean region. Discuss the key features of maritime security cooperation with Seychelles. Also provide an overview of the advantages of a blue economy for India.

Key Features of Maritime Security Cooperation

• During the current three nation tour in the Indian Ocean region, PM Narendra Modi has engaged in greater cooperation for anti-piracy and maritime security with his counterpart from Seychelles, President James Michel. Blue Economy was a key focus of the talks.

• India and Seychelles are also working towards promotion of renewable energy.

• PM Modi also unveiled a radar system to enable Seychelles to have better security; radar system will enable the island nation to access movements of unsavoury elements within the region as part of the Coastal Surveillance Radar project

• Relations between India and Seychelles now focus on close cooperation and understanding

• India will also lease Assumption Island, one of 115 islands belonging to this nation as a listening and surveillance post

• Dornier aircraft will be added to the island nation courtesy India

• Seychelles also inked an agreement on hydrographic survey with India for adding a fresh dimension to maritime cooperation

• Seychelles is soon to be a partner in maritime security cooperation encompassing India, Sri Lanka and Maldives

Advantages of Blue Economy

• Blue Economy outdoes the Green Economy; it is the right business model for the future

• It generates revenue and creates jobs while making market competitive

• Promotes set of businesses that create multiple benefits for the industry and the society

• Cluster activities and cascades will enhance higher levels of efficiency leading to the emergence of the new business model

• Transformation of a one revenue model into a three revenue model

• Blue economy injects cash back on a local scale for any economy

• Offers high quality products at most affordable prices

• Blue Economy also promotes healthy consumerism

Facts and Stats

History of Bilateral Relations with Seychelles:

• 1986: Operation Flowers are Blooming INS Vindhyagiri launched to prevent a coup in Seychelles

• INS Tarasa was gifted to Seychelles as well in 2014; several Indian ships made port calls to Victoria

• In 2009, India dispatched naval ships on the request of Seychelles to patrol the exclusive economic zone and protect it from piracy

• India has also worked with the armed forces in Seychelles to engage in capacity building

• In 2012, India made the announcement of USD 50 million as Line of Credit and USD 25 million as grant to the government of Seychelles

• Indian assistance has also been provided since the 1980s as per the ITEC program in civilian defence

• In January 2015, the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award was conferred on India origin Seychelles resident Justice D. Karunakaran, the second such award conferred on a resident of this island nation

About Assumption Island

• Assumption Island is one of 115 islands spread over 1.5 million square kilometre of sea admit the western part of the Indian Ocean

• Islands fall into 2 groups:

• Inner Islands within the shallow Seychelles Plateau

• Outer Islands beyond the Plateau up 10 degrees south of the equator

• Assumption Island is 11.74 square kilometres in size; part of Aldabra Group

About Blue Economy

• Blue Economy is a concept coined by Prof. Gunter Pauli in 1994.
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