SFURTI: Features and Benefits

SFURTI: Features and Benefits

Question : Specific cluster based scheme named SFURTI is being implemented by MSME ministry for promoting traditional industries including khaki, village industries, agro based industries and coir clusters. Discuss the specific features and extent to which scheme has benefitted the sector.

Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries or SFURTI is being implemented by the MSME for promoting traditional industries


- Under this, khadi, village and agro based industries including four clusters have been taken up for development

- This is through the provision of improved equipment,common facilities centres, business development services, training, capacity building, design and marketing support.

- SFURTI scheme was launched in 2005-2006 for improving the productivity and competitiveness of traditional industries

- Revamped SFURTI has been modified alongside which under the 12th 5 year plan, 800 clusters will be taken up with the assistance of GoI and ADB

- Each cluster will be developed over a period of three yearend funding pattern for the scheme has been provided for soft interventions

- Alongside KVIC and Coir Board as nodal agencies for Khadi clusters and coir based clusters, modified SFURTI also provides for engagement of national/regional levels with sectoral expense in massive sub sectors of traditional industries


- 101 clusters have been developed as per this scheme.

- 71 clusters including agro based clusters with outlay of INR 149.44 crore will be developed within the first phase

- This scheme aims to promote traditional industries and contribute towards employment in rural areas

- This action plan seeks creation of a platform for cluster development

- Clusters under the scheme which will benefit include the following:

- Heritage clusters (1000 to 2500 artisans)

- Major Clusters (500 to 1000 artisans)

- Mini clusters(upto 500 artisans)

- The scheme also provides for taking on the services of reputed national/ regional level institutions with proven expertise in artisanal and small enterprise cluster developments as Technical Agencies to provide handholding and implementation support to the SFURTI clusters.

Facts and Stats

- 51642 No. of Artisans have been covered under SFURTI

- 34292 Artisans have been trained under SFURTI

- 126 Common Facility Centres have been established under SFURTI.

- 1706 No. of Self Help Group (SHGs) are formed as per SFURTI.

- About 55 percent beneficiaries of SFURTI scheme are women

- New Model Charkha (NMC) for spinning were introduced and that has increased not only productivity but also the community’s earnings as well as improved quality of the product.
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