Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC?

Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC?

Competitive entrance exams play an important role in making people’s career. It is the first ladder that opens the door of success for the youngsters. Most of the competitive exams comprise different sections including Aptitude, Data Interpretation and other sections. It is the same case with the UPSC exam. But perhaps the civil services aspirants are not happy with the Civil Services Aptitude test. The aspirants are leading the protests to scrap the CSAT exam. Do you support the idea? Should basic level of English test section should be scrapped from UPSC exam?


• UPSC exam is taken by many students coming from different regional backgrounds. English section is an unfair section for such students.

• If the success ratio of students coming from the rural background is analyzed, it is clearly visible that it is falling.

• English language should have no importance in India as it is a complete disrespect to the other regional languages.

• The English section of 8-9 questions makes up for 22 marks, and in the competitive exam every single mark matters.

• In India, where Hindi is not kept as criteria of selection in the competitive exams then why English is given so much of importance?


• Having the section of English is not an anti-national act. On the other way, English acts as a link language that binds people from different states.

• The talented people will never support the drama done on English language. Meritorious students find way of success in all the cases.

• The competitive exams are taken to shortlist the best candidates who are able to show their expertise in various segments. And in today’s world, basis learning of English is must.

• India is a developing country that is trying to make a strong place in world’s economy. To be a part of globalization, the civil services aspirants should understand the basic elementary English.

• Politicians are unnecessarily dividing the country on basis of language as the level of English questions asked in the UPSC exam is very simple and basic.

• Even the internal system of government uses English as a basic language, and therefore the aspirants need to have basic knowledge of English.


If the whole problem is analyzed it can be seen as a more of political drama rather than language drama. Even if it is considered as English language issue, then one thing is very clear - Aspirants need to have the basic knowledge of English. It is the call of time. Just because of a few students, the country cannot comprise on quality or proficiency parameters. Competitive exams are meant to select the best, and it is the responsibility of the students to come prepared with the basic elementary English.
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  • RE: Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC? -divya keerthi (08/01/14)
  • as english is a universal language , now a days english is basic requirement for any job ...civil services is not an exemption for that ... so basic level english test should be conducted . i agree that civil services are much concentrated on current affairs and general knowledge , but it doesn't mean dt english should be scrapped from upsc test... as high level english is not asked and only basic level english is asked ... it is not a problem as everyone must and should know the basic english . And also government schools teach basic english to students ...
  • RE: Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC? -vinit kumar (08/01/14)
  • i personally believe that english language should not scrapped , i totally disagree upon dis coz english is the only language apart from our national language hindi ...
    points are:-
    1. through preparation of english language the aspirants knowhow the importance of not only fetching the marks bt also to improve communication skills.

    2. it is medium of compete globally because the whole world communicate basically upon english language.

    3. it also develop the personality of an individual outside our country that we can compete them and we are able to understand and make them understood.

    4. as we know that after completion of c sat test the selected students will work in government sector so in that field also the whole official work will be carried out in english.

    so therefore students should be much efficient and know the importance of english language
  • RE: Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC? -Rachana Srungavarapu (07/31/14)
  • UPSC deals with selection of candidates for administration and also for dealing many services which requires good communication.English has become a part of administration and almost in every sector these days.In the present scenario,almost every competitive exam comprises of the questions dealing with English.
    Compromising with standards based on few regional criteria puts the entire system in chaos.Moreover the international exposure and recognition can be a CAKE WALK only through English.
    So,I think its better to make English session a compulsion in UPSC.
  • RE: Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC? -Deepa Kaushik (07/31/14)
  • Though English is not our national language, still it holds much importance on the international front. Having English proficiency test is not incorrect in the UPSC examination. The candidates are required to pass the subject to clear the examination which is much justified.

    The candidates appearing for the UPSC exams are those who expect their post into the government offices to perform their duties. Though we are not having the English as a medium of conversation in our government set-up, still the official tasks would not necessarily deal in the Hindi language. The official documents and the papers would be English. Also there might be the requirement to interact with the international tie-ups either on vocal or paper conversation. For the day-to-day job requirements, the candidate needs to be well-verse with the language to understand the nature of job and complete the assigned task.

    To be precise, rather than calling the discussion English specific, we need to understand the need of the hour and the employer requirement. It is the necessity of the post and not the management of the UPSC to include English test as a section in their examinations.