Should constitution be adjusted according to changing circumstances?

Should constitution be adjusted according to changing circumstances?

Constitution is the legal framework of any country. It is the fundamental principles according to which any state or country is governed. The constitution provides the support and strength to the governing body and keeps its citizens united, and peaceful through its imprints. The law and order situation of a country has its foundation through the constitution. The constitution undergoes changes that we call as amendments done for good. As the constitution has been laid down long back, the question arises whether the adjustments to the constitution according to the changing circumstances is justified? Let’s check out the positive and negative points to this change:


- Nothing in the universe is constant except change, so it is applicable to constitution as well.

- There is no problem in making amendments, in case the majority cast vote in favour of the change.

- Constitution is created for the benefit of its citizens, which should evolve with the changing atmosphere.

- In the era of globalization, unless the constitution is amended, many of the concerns will emerge which happen against the law. We should not create provision for the loopholes in law and order in the country.

- Constitution has already undergone many amendments for good, so it can follow the same theme to catch up with the pace of the world.


- Constitution has been designed after taking into account the upcoming variations and circumstantial evolution, so that holds pretty well for all times.

- Constitution has everything included in it and has nothing wrong to be amended.

- Circumstances will keep changing; constitution cannot follow its trail. Rules and regulations need to be fixed for a proper Law and Order status in the country.

- Once amended, the constitution will lose its form and origin. The respect and fight for our rights will eventually lose their value.

- Constitution for a country is like foundation for a building; making amendments every now and then will weaken the foundation of the country.


To be precise, the Constitution should be presented in a way to guard its citizens in every possible way. The amendments are welcome if they are carrying some good value attached to it. But the amendments so made should not abolish its originality in its design and implementation. The amendments should have some limitations, so that the constitution is not taken lightly, and the respect for it is maintained at the heart of every citizen of the country.
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  • RE: Should constitution be adjusted according to changing circumstances? -Akhilesh kumar maurya (01/27/15)
  • Change is the law of natutre, we welcome change everywhere. So i think adjustment shuold be in our constitution as like it being seen that most of the schedule cast they are having rechest personality even they are getting benifit of reservation policy and many people who belongs to general cast they are poor even they are not getting anything means those who are eligble for reservation they are not getting. Why?. Because of based on cast reservation is being provided based on cast .Not making a large topic , i would like to say that reservation should not be based on cast.There should be a proper servey of income after that reaervation should provide ,by that we would be able to provide benifit of reservation only for needy person. Second thing reservation should not be in education.
  • RE: Should constitution be adjusted according to changing circumstances? -abhishek yadav (07/27/14)
  • constitution is the document that protects the interest n rights of citizens belongs to all guides the polity to work within the limitations. so in my opinion amendment should b carried out only after time period study of cases n ensure it will work welfare for the nation.
  • RE: Should constitution be adjusted according to changing circumstances? -Teena Bhatia (07/27/14)
  • We are living in an ever-changing world. And as it is said that change is the only thing that doesn’t changes with time. It is certain and it will exist in every sector. The same thing is applicable to the constitution. The constitution has to be modified with the changing requirements of society and nation. The changes made in right direction will enable the society to catch up with the fast paced advanced world. The basic theme of successful economy comes from internalizing the change to succeed in globalized world.

    Apart from walking with the world, it is necessary to see the changes in light of society. If an amendment is no longer serving good to society it should be changed. In the same light I would like to bring in the matter of Secularism. India’s freedom was accompanied with partition. Pakistan adopted theocracy and declared their country as Islamic state. What about India? What it did? It followed the concept of secularism. And today it is a high time to analyze what it achieved from its decision?

    The famous writer Jefferson said that consider each generation as a distinct nation. So, in that light again the constitution should be changed as per the changing situations. It can be made clear with the example of Gujarat. It is a known fact that Gujarat is a dry state. But still alcohol is sold illegally over there. The government is well aware of the fact. So, should not it consider for a change, and remove the tag of dry state from Gujarat. After all, the state is only at losing side. Alcohol is sold, people can buy it but state doesn’t get the benefit of taxes.

    The next most talked about thing in our constitution is Article 370 that doesn’t allow the outsiders to buy land in Kashmir. It is the high time to take some strict measures on this issue. PM Narendra Modi led NDA government has said that they will consider the matter seriously

    So, things should change with time, even in the constitution, but the changes made should be beneficial for the people as well as for the nation.