Should I be opting for retail management as a career avenue?

Should I be opting for retail management as a career avenue? Can you please give me a brief about the retailing process for my better understanding?

For choosing any field as your career path, you should have a fetish to do well in the field and should show interest. Retail industry is one of the fastest changing and growing industries in the world. It also plays a very important role in the economic growth of many countries. As a career avenue, retail management is a very vibrant field that offers loads of employment opportunities for talented bunch of people. There are more than 2 million job opportunities worldwide that are offered to aspirants in this field. For this field basic educational qualification, as well as personal skills like good communication and analytical mind is needed to excel in this profession. In this career, you will get variety of job opportunities in sales and marketing, operation, concept and design, buying and merchandising and also in administration. The growth and scope in this field is huge, thus making it a career option in demand.

Retailing is a vital part of the business industry that involves selling products and services to consumers for their individual or family use. As it is very people oriented business, it has huge scope and the growth is tremendous in this field. Basically, retailing is defined as the timely delivery of goods demanded by consumers at an affordable and competitive price which would in turn satisfy customers. The Indian retail market is growing at a compounded rate.

The process of retailing generally involves a direct interaction with the customers and the co-ordination of business activities from the design stage of a product to its delivery and post-delivery service. Retail business can be classified into various types depending upon their size, shape, product lines, amount of service they offer and process they charge, etc. Most of them are specially stores, supermarket/malls, factory outlets, franchises, chain stores, discount stores, lifestyle and personal products, furnishing and house hold appliances, etc.
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