Should India try to host Olympics?

Should India try to host Olympics?

It is one of the greatest honors for a nation to become an Olympic host country. However, just dreaming of becoming an Olympic host nation cannot make it turn into a reality. It requires willingness and resources to become a host of Olympics. Coming to India, it has not even tried to bid for the Olympics in some years. The question here is - why? Is it not in a position to host Olympics or doesn’t even want to try? What is your opinion on the matter? Should India try to host Olympics?


• Becoming a host city to Olympics will make other sports popular in India. The athletes will be keen to display their skills in own nation.

• Many people argue that India doesn’t have the required infrastructure but India can always build it. We can take the example of Qatar which has started preparing for 2022 FIFA World Cup.

• If India manages to become a host country for Olympics, the Asian countries will move one step ahead to eliminate the disparity existing between them & American and European countries.

• India is successfully hosting Hockey World cups and even U-17 Football World Cup. We have hosted Asian and CWG. It is the time to take a big leap in right direction.

• India can make its name on the world map and also the businesses can earn money during the season.

• Hosting or winning a big game makes you well known on World map. The other nations start taking you more seriously and the overall business and internation position imoproves.


• Olympics are linked with a terrible history of causing losses to the host nations, even when everything was done in the most legitimate way.

• Olympics incurred expenditure of over 10 billion USD even when London had most of the required infrastructure to host Olympic Games. Are we in a position to spend so much money on hosting these games?

• Remember the cost of organizing the Commonwealth Games in India which was made as one of the costliest event by Indians.

• Security is of prime importance in Olympic Games and India cannot handle the crowd that will become a part of grand event.

• Scams and corruption are a part of Indian economy, and they are the greatest obstacles in hosting Olympics in the nation.

• India doesn’t have the athletes who can perform well at the Olympics. Also, it can witness lack of public support as there won’t be many people to participate in the grand event.


There are many factors including economic status, infrastructure, scams, corruption etc that hinders the dream of India becoming a host to Olympic Games. However, just because problems are there, India should not give up on its dream of hosting Olympic Games. Problems will always be there but where there is a will there is a way. India should try to improve its infrastructure and solve the basic problems in the systems so that it can also someday become capable of hosting Olympic Games.
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  • RE: Should India try to host Olympics? -ankit (11/30/14)
  • India definitely has a good sounding economy to host an event like this. She can earn not only name but also good revenue. Her markets will gain money. Her tourism will enhance. Her athletes will perform well, as they did in CWG.

    Many indian companies can flourish.

    The only thing that we have to look is that we should not give an opportunity for indian political leaders to interfere whose hands are dipped in cesspool of corruption.

    Give chances to young indian intellects to make it an event remembered by everyone every time everywhere
  • RE: Should India try to host Olympics? -Deepa Kaushik (11/28/14)
  • It is really good to dream high and try to achieve the same. But talking of hosting the Olympic games we need to analyse using our brains instead of flowing away with the charm and pride of being the host country. There is no shame in accepting our current economic status which does not comply to host such a costly event in the country.

    It is an act of honour to host Olympic games in our country, but the actual pride comes with the proper management and arrangements, which starts from welcoming the guests, providing them with accommodation, assuring them proper security, managing the events, helping them out in their day-to-day needs in the complete course of event till the event comes to its completion and escort them back to their own nation. With such a big responsibility, the Government also has the burden to keep the life of common man undisturbed and their security should not be compromised in any way.

    All these arrangements definitely call for a good bulky infrastructure and financial support. We cannot afford to get into debts just to portray our false prestige. Qatar might have come up and taken a chance, but we cannot follow anyone blindly.

    We have many issues upfront which demands urgent attention, and many of these requires investment to be resolved. The main concern being the unemployment issue could be better resolved if we can devote the same sum towards the establishment of new job opportunities. Precisely speaking, it would be no less than foolishness to spend on the Olympics with our current economic status.
  • RE: Should India try to host Olympics? -sahana (11/28/14)
  • i feel more than being emotional, we need to think from economic point of view...
    we should prepare a budget and understand the expenditure and then decide if we have the economical strength to host such a big event like Olympics.