Should IPL be banned in India?

Should IPL be banned in India?

Recently, Justice Mudgal committee gave its report on the spot fixing case of IPL season 6. Even before, IPL has been marred with controversies regarding the auctioning of players or funding of money.

When IPL was launched, it was a new concept and grabbed eyeballs from all over the world. But with every day controversies, the question arises whether IPL should be banned or not. Let’s find out:-


1. IPL has provoked the issue of a girl’s objectification as the cheer girls employed for the matches present the picture of a modern woman in a bad light.

2. Many issues have pointed towards the spot-fixing and match- fixing in IPL matches. It has encouraged betting culture in Cricket.

3. In the Mudgal committee itself, issues have been raised about the funding of IPL franchises. Also if sources are to be believed, underworld don is also behind the betting and funding of matches.

4. The name of a union minister has also come under scanner, earlier when it was reported that black money was involved in IPL.

5. It was launched to encourage friendship and co-operation among various players from different countries but in the matches itself, we have seen players abusing and fighting with each other.

6. IPL has become a mode of earning windfall gains for famous entrepreneurs of our country.

7. There is no transparency in the process of selection of players and allocation of franchises in the IPL.


1. IPL has made India a center of attraction in the world of cricket.

2. With various players from different countries playing together; it has provided a platform for brotherhood and friendship. Also it has encouraged sportsmanship.

3. It has generated various employment opportunities during the tournaments.

4. When players all over the world play together, they get to know about the weakness and strengths of their colleagues which helps them in main cricket matches.

5. Many retired cricketers, who still have the stamina to perform, get a platform to showcase their sportsman abilities.

6. It creates revenue for BCCI as well as for state and central government in the form of tourism; as many people come to India to watch the matches. It is a win-win situation for all.

7. Ban is not the answer for any allegation, investigation is.


IPL was initiated with a good spirit and also became very popular all over the world. But it can’t be denied that there have been various discrepancies in the way the tournament is being carried out at present.

What needs to be done is to investigate into all the allegations and also make the process more transparent so that, the chances of cheating and fixing are minimized. This will help in keeping the tournament intact from controversies.
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  • RE: Should IPL be banned in India? -Arnab Dey (03/17/17)
  • yes..I want to add another point of ill effect of IPL.. The cricket has become faster in the sense of t20 cricket..This hampers the playing of test cricket as in test one needs patience not any aggressive skill but it is seen in test cricket that some players try to attack the bowlers a lot than ever and thus their batting has been not been up to the mark in test cricket.
  • RE: Should IPL be banned in India? -SHIV KUMAR PATEL (08/28/16)
  • yes IPL should banned because it take my time , my money and finally my money gone to the corrupt people who are betting on cricket.
  • RE: Should IPL be banned in India? -Mohil Patel (04/05/15)
  • IPL should be banned because...
    1) Too much time taken.
    2) Too much money spent and other sports are not developed in India.
    3) Too many injuries taken place and players have to take early retirement.
    4) Corruption. Match and Spot fixing take place and it just gives India a bad name.
    5) It is killing test cricket and giving audience a quick entertainment.
  • RE: Should IPL be banned in India? -Rishika Jalan (04/27/14)
  • I strongly believe that IPL should not be banned in India. This form of cricketing is entertaining, popular and influential. Since it started in 2008 it has been attracting more number of viewers every year. Cricket being the most watched game in India as well throughout the world, has launched a new platform for cricketers as well the public in the form of IPL. This game series brigs different cricketer from different countries together in one place and instills a spirit of brotherhood and friendship among them. By combining them together for each team, the players learn to get along well with each other and this also helps them to know their team mates’ tricks. Moreover, this series has gained so much popularity in so less time that there should be no reason to ban it. It has proved to be a great source of revenue for the government in the form of tourism and also the BCCI. Although yes many illegal activities have been witnessed associated with IPL which should be looked upon and transparency should be incorporated to make it fair and just.