Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota?

Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota?

The Supreme Court struck down the Centre's decision to grant reservation quota to the Jat community in educational institutions and jobs stating it as a reflection of "retrograde" and "negative" governance. The UPA government took the decision to include Jat Community in the OBC status was taken last year during general elections. The decision attracted strong negative reactions from other backward class communities as they considered it as vote bank politics. However, the existing NDA government also defended the decision in the Supreme Court. So, Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota?


- The Jats are also faced with the major issue of backwardness, and they can get additional benefits only through reservations.

- The problem with Jat group lies is underrepresentation due to which they are ignored in many sections of economy.

- There is a need of intervention which can empower deprived groups. They are an integral part of country and also need jobs, education, scholarships and similar benefits to grow in life.

- Quotas are justified in case of oppressed caste groups that have been a victim of systematic discrimination in the past.

- The decision is favored by two major political parties and therefore, it should be given a due consideration.


- Affirmative actions should be used as growth tool that can enable them to compete rather than quotas which makes them constant beneficiaries of additional attention and help.

- It doesn’t matters if the group gets the reserved quota or not, if they get employment and educational admissions problem will automatically be solved.

- The problem of education, unemployment and lack of other benefits is not restricted to just minority groups, it extends to all groups of country.

- There is no need to identify groups based on their historical depressed status with reference to social exclusion and specific ritual with the caste system. Someday all these differences have to be wiped out.

- Such kind of reservation quotas creates differences between different groups and undermines national unity.

- Reservations purely on the basis of caste or religion are not acceptable under the constitution. It should be measured on various factors including social, economic and education.


It is the time to take some affirmative actions, instead of demanding quotas for any specific community. The government should consider the larger issue. There is a need to step back and reanalysis preoccupation with caste as the sole base for preferential policies. The government has been demanding reservations on basis of past discrimination and such reasons are not enough to justify reservation quota. Already, the country has faced several issues related to reservations in the past. The decision of Supreme Court should be respected and considered as a first step towards change.
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  • RE: Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota? -magh (03/19/15)
  • my friend ,,the topic is should jats be in obc or not,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    i think according to ground reality, the caste is the only way to get quota ,
    ,,,and if it is based on caste to give obc quota ,,then its should be,,,,
    because ,,it was started by ambederkar ,,to lift the sc n st ,for 10 years , its was extended ,,,,and now being used as vote bank..
    2. the ground reality is that ,,in exam or ssc job ,,the sc st are getting there sets in general.
    and in place of that the low grade ,,sc st are taking place.
    3.if a person would of sc , st is at high post in his family member is getting that benefit then its not for deprive one...they are taking benefit,,,
    4 some talk about other parameter like economic ...income ,,,,,here is that at this point its based on caste ,,,
    so they should be included ,,,
  • RE: Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota? -abhi (03/19/15)
  • ,,...
  • RE: Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota? -Deepa Kaushik (03/18/15)
  • What does Quota and Reservation mean to the common man. The land where majority group comes under the General category, what is the requirement of providing any quota? The main reason behind providing the quota is to bring forward the backward group and help them increase their standard of living. But, the factual life projects the reality somehow inversely. Only the rich class amongst those backward communities being provided with the special privilege are able to utilise the opportunities. Hence, the standard of the actual backward class is continuing to remain the same.

    The Jat community does not require any quota. All they need is to come up in the battle of life and prove themselves. The life cycle is for the survival of the fittest. Belonging to the General category is not all that bad. If every sect and sub-sect starts demanding quota and reservation, where would the remaining general category go?

    We talk much about brain drain. The actual reason behind this brain drain is such reservation and quota allocation. We are unable to honour the real brains in our country and fail to provide them with the suitable package. All we look here is the person’s quota, the reservation , or the wealth. With corruption into every stream, there is just two broad classification, the rich and the poor. All the remaining quotas are nothing other than eye-wash. Hence, it would be nothing more than an unfair deal to include jats in the OBC quota.
  • RE: Should Jats Be Included In OBC Quota? -mg (03/18/15)
  • it right decision ,,,,we want united india..