Should kids with special needs go to a separate school?

Should kids with special needs go to a separate school?


It is important to get a good feeling at school for the kids with special needs. Most of the parents of the disabled kids prefer to provide their children with special education as it readdresses their individual differences and needs.

Kids with special needs usually face a problem in the areas of cognitive development, basic arithmetic, word problems etc.

Parents have an important role to play during the decision process of their child's future.

Let's take a look at - is it preferable to send the kids with special needs to a separate school?

Yes – Kids with special needs should go to a different school

1. Avoid discrimination – Kids with special needs should be sent to a separate school with similar children because they may face a lot of discrimination in a normal school. Many of the teachers and students discriminate between the normal and the disabled students. Such situations might affect the kids physically as well as emotionally.

2. Bullying – Kids with special needs should be taught in a different school because they might face a lot of bullying issue by their classmates. At times, they might become a source of entertainment for others.

3. Difficulty in socializing – Disabled kids might face a problem of interacting and communicating with the people around them. They may feel uncomfortable while making friends with normal kids.

4. Create distraction – School is an institution where kids learn. They should not get distracted while studying and the same thing is applicable to disabled kids. If they face bullying at school, they might get distracted from their studies. To avoid such a situation, kids with special needs should be sent to other school.

5. Source of danger – A lot of attacks have been reported by the special kids on the normal children. If a special care child is a rightful threat to others, he/she must be sent to a separate school.

6. Trained teachers – Most of the schools hire trained teachers who can teach around 30 to 40 students without any barriers. If the disabled kids are sent to a normal school, the teachers may face a problem as they have to spend more time on a single child. This can also create a disturbance in the classroom environment.

No – Kids with special needs should not be sent to a separate school.

1. Creates misunderstanding – Segregation may lead to discrimination and misunderstandings. By sending the disabled kids to separate schools, it may disconnect the student from the society. More acceptance is expressed in a school that excel at mainstreaming.

2. Improves interaction – Disabled students can improve their interaction and communication skills when they are sent to a mainstream school, like other normal kids. They meet a lot of new people and it can enhance them to develop new relationships.

3. Enthusiasm – Children with special needs should not be placed in a separate school. When they are in a regular school, they feel the enthusiasm to learn and grow with the other kids. A competition among the students can motivate the disabled students to win the long race.

4. Need encouragement – The disabled kids need extra support and encouragement from their classmates as well as teachers. They need to be involved with normal kids so that they can do better in school.


All the students, irrespective of their disability should be treated in the mainstream school. Special programs such as RV Access (soccer for the disabled kids) should be included in the school system.

Kids with special needs should not go to a separate school. They should believe in that they are normal and can achieve anything like others. By sending them to a separate school, parents are trying to degrade their confidence and spirit.

Each and every child is special and they make the tomorrow of our country more brighter.
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  • Special schools for the kids with special needs is not to be looked down upon. It is just an aid to make them equivalent to anyone else in the society and prepare them for the race of life in this highly competitive world. Normal schools might provide them a normal environment, but they might not be able to cope up with the other children.

    Normal schools provide the student-teacher ratio as per the requirements of other children. However, children with specialneeds require more attention to have good understanding and learning. The grasping ability of these childrenvaries from others and so they need more focus and extra care to meet the day-to-day requirements.

    We see many differently-abled adults who have cope-up with the environment quite well and are able to compete the other normal individuals. To build such a sufficing talent and ability in these children, they need special schools where they could be well-cultivated and grown to a charming personality who can stand on their own without getting dependent on others for any of their needs.

    This matter needs to seen with a far-sight of their future. We should not find these children being segregated from others; instead it should be seen as a seed been sown on the fertile soil to reep good harvest later. Every child is different in their talent and ability, so are these children. Normal schools might not be able to search the hidden talent within these children due to lack of time and attention towards these children, but these special schools can make them more confident by encouraging their talent.

    Hence, special schools would be an apt place for the kids with special needs.