Should mother’s name be a part of all academic testimonials of a student?

Should mother’s name be a part of all academic testimonials of a student?

At the start of the year, The University Grants Commission (UGC) announced the strict rules regarding the compliance of its pre-announced directive in year 1998. It is related to inclusion of mother’s name in all of academic documents like degrees, application forms and certificates. The adviser wants to include the mother’s name along with the other details on all academic testimonials. Should mother’s name be a part of all academic testimonials of a student?


• It is the mother who gives birth to the child and therefore has every right to get her name on the academic testimonials.

• It will help the divorced mothers, separated mothers or unwed mothers from the problems of requiring the father’s name in the application form.

• A mother is not given a significant importance in society despite the fact that she equally participates in child’s development.

• Inclusion of mother’s name will eliminate the gender discrimination and will be another step towards the women empowerment.

• In today’s world women are working and equally participate in upbringing their children by contributing financially. So, there is no reason why only father’s name should be there on academic testimonials.


• Inclusion of the mother’s name will not help the divorcee, separated or unwed mothers as father’s name column will still be there. Give the flexibility with either option of mother’s or father’s name.

• It is the normal culture, not in India but even in the developed countries that children are known by their father’s name, and there is nothing wrong in it.

• Do you think inclusion of mother’s name in lifeless forms will lead to women empowerment? A greater participation in decision making is required, not a place in academic testimonials.

• There should be an objective for every step. What benefit will inclusion of mother’s name in academic testimonials will bring? It will just make the application form more lengthy and nothing else.

• A system works well when there is balance, and why should the roles of father and mother be disturbed, when it’s working all well.


All the steps that do some good or no harm are considered as wise steps. Inclusion of mother’s name in the academic testimonials is not going to do any harm to anyone in the society. It will not prove detrimental for a child. If it will do anything, it will be some form of good. When there is no harm in including the mother’s name, then certainly the step is justified.
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  • RE: Should mother’s name be a part of all academic testimonials of a student? -mounika.R (07/11/14)
  • hai,everyone. mother is the word that any greater poet or writer can't define it.
    a mother will carry us in her womb for 9 months and gives us birth keeping her life in
    danger. but she enjoys doing it. she sacrifices everything for the sake of her child. then
    is it not necessary to give ehr equal importance with the what we are is only because of our mother. so i think if including father's name in the student's education
    is necessry then including mother's name is also mandatory. i want to conclude that a
    mother should have an identity like father and it is our duty to repay our debt for what she has done for us.
  • RE: Should mother’s name be a part of all academic testimonials of a student? -Deepa Kaushik (06/30/14)
  • Adding mother's name in the testimonials is nothing wrong. Still that is not going to solve any problem for the child who does not wish to, or is not in a situation to put ahead the father's name. This decision could be more helpful if the parent's name column is given as an option to be filled or left blank as per the student's convenience.

    Displaying mother's name to the testimonial is like giving a bit of importance to the motherhood in the formal and legal preview. But if we analyse that for the student's perspective, it is no more than another column in his testimonial. Such an amendment coukd be helpful if mother's name is asked for any proof anywhere in the life of the child. Without any valid utility for the same, the name inclusion does not hold any mere importance.

    Giving the parent's name as option is not only a benefit for kids of divorcee or unmarried mothers, but also for the many orphans who are bearing this question as a huge burden at every step of their life. This would be a great sigh of relief to lot many poor little stepping stones of our country.

    Thus, inclusion of mother's name without any valid amendments for its requirement is a nullified move without any pros or con