Should MS Dhoni step down as the captain of CSK?

Should MS Dhoni step down as the captain of CSK?

M S Dhoni has been a legendary player in the cricket and has always got huge admiration and support from the cricket fans. But MS Dhoni’s response to the recent match fixing controversies linked to the Chennai Super Kings has drawn negative comments for the player. Even there are talks that MS Dhoni should step down as the captain of CSK. Do you agree to the statement?


• Dhoni defended Gurunath Meiyappan in front of the inquiry committee appointed by the Supreme Court by saying that he is just a cricket enthusiast. It should be noted that Meiyappan was accused of spot-fixing and betting.

• A cricket player should be loyal to his fans and country, and not to the people who have changed the game of cricket in to a betting business.

• Even if MS Dhoni was not aware of the intentions of the Gurunath and Shrinivasan, he must have restrained himself from giving any positive comments.

• MS Dhoni repeated exactly the same words of N. Shrinivasan. How is it possible to repeat the same words and same tone? It seems as if Dhoni is a Shrinivasan’s caged parrot.

• MS Dhoni is just protecting his own interests; otherwise what was the need of supporting Meiyappan. He should certainly step down on ethical grounds.


• There might be some internal pressure on MS Dhoni for giving such a statement. Cricketers are not angelic humans.

• It is not MS Dhoni who is the culprit; it is the entire system of Cricket that has got corrupt with the changing times.

• Administrators, politicians and other people in power are ruling this game. Cricketers are just the medium.

• Under Dhoni’s captaincy CSK has won the IPL twice and has reached final five times. It is the most successful team of IPL, and obviously the major credit goes to the captain.

• Who can be the other better person to replace Dhoni at this time and can manage the same performance of CSK.?


MS Dhoni is leading CKS since last six years and the performance has been phenomenal. Although the team has managed to scale great heights under the captaincy of MS Dhoni but still the statement given by MS Dhoni in favor of Meiyappan cannot be ignored. The credibility of Dhoni is high but it is the right of the cricket fans to know the facts because in India Cricketers are considered to be God.
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  • RE: Should MS Dhoni step down as the captain of CSK? -Deepa Kaushik (04/11/14)
  • Captaincy of MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the best ever especially with the CSK so far. He has emerged as a good leader, carrying his team to the finals many times and also cherishing CSK with the victory at IPL twice before. With such a track record, the cricketer is not to be blamed to the direct fixing.

    But, this doesn’t give a clean chit with respect to his comments and favouring tone for Meiyyappan, who was accused for betting and spot-fixing. Ms Dhoni’s performance has nothing to do with the controversies outside the play. A player should have good sportsmanship, and should be honest to his country and team. His loyalty should not favour the wealthy and powerful sections of the society. His defensive statement was somehow fishy, which is not expected from a good sportsman.

    The matter is not necessarily related just to MS Dhoni, but may also involve many other cricketers, management, selection committee or even the politicians. A clear investigation should be posed, which could clarify and provide a clear image of the true picture. Dhoni’s removal from the captainacy should be a temporary point till the investigation gets over.