Should opinion polls be banned during pre election period?

Should opinion polls be banned during pre election period?


Opinion polls are great for parties that get good results and bad for parties that are predicted to be failures. But, opinion polls are not about accuracy or inaccuracy. They are about freedom of speech and the right to research any matter thoroughly. Opinion polls are the foundation of any society. However, during the pre election period, opinion polls are sometimes used to lower morale or trumpet the prospects of a party. Sometimes opinion polls are correct. Sometimes they are not. Banning opinion polls will not serve any purpose though. All our political leaders and parties will still find a way to highlight their achievements and secure the votes of the masses through one way or another. The consolation for the losing party/parties is that one day, their time will come. Positive opinion polls are a crowning glory for the victors to the political throne. In the end, it is all about showmanship and muscle power.


• Banning opinion polls will not serve any purpose. It will merely alienate the media and masses from the leaders. People will see it as a curtailment of their right to voice their own opinion. India is a nation of intellectual thinkers and activists. No one would like to be silenced and there will be negative impact of any move to ban opinion polls.

• While it is true that pollsters can be bribed to declare results in favour of a certain candidate, this is a drawback of the person/group conducting the polls and not the research methodology itself per se. Opinion polls only serve to highlight major trends.

• Opinion polls can also alert both winning and losing parties to the key issues at play. If anti-graft parties are gaining popularity, other leaders should realize that corruption is a big issue. If social welfare is becoming a major topic of debate in opinion polls, all parties should prepare their election strategy accordingly.

• Politics in India has always had an element of drama. Our political history is dotted with all types of scandals and surprises. India’s political atmosphere is highly charged and opinion polls can alert parties about the direction the voting is going to go.

• Opinion polls also have massive benefits for the public. Followers and supporters of certain parties can alert their leaders about possible problems and bad results in the upcoming elections. Party workers can form strategies for coping with any surprises.

• Free and fair elections are not a reality due to all kinds of scandals and controversies that are prevalent in India. Being a political leader in India is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world. Opinion polls make it easier for parties to confront realities and chalk out their survival strategies beforehand. All parties must be ready for any type of outcome. Opinion polls just provide a forewarning which political leaders should heed.


Opinion polls may be ethically or unethically conducted. But this does not mean that they should be banned. Instead, they should be used as a political gauge or barometer for any further decisions or strategies. Rather than viewing the opinion poll as an enemy, political leaders should see it as a friend. However, the final results of any election are not just influenced by opinion polls. A lot more goes into the process. Those who are caught napping will live to pay the price for it.
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  • RE: Should opinion polls be banned during pre election period? -Deepa Kaushik (05/06/14)
  • Opinion polls are not of much importance with respect to the results of the election. This is just a way of interaction of the common man to give out their views and opinions regarding any party, or a chance to let out their expectations from the coming government.

    Politicians don’t find any major difference with the opinion polls especially in the pre-election period. Instead as a regular practice, they make use of this opportunity as well by preaching their manifesto to increase their charm amongst the masses.

    All this becomes a political game in the pre-election period just befooling the common man as a trend. the opinion polls never give any idea regarding the election results, still the media hypes the matter and the politicians again gain their chance to sing their charm and start on with the blame game. These things never provide any consolidated result to the public and the public demand is focussed only through this pre-election period.

    There is no harm banning this opinion poll in the pre-election stage, which will at least relieve the common man from undue debates and waste of time and energy in checking through these things.
  • Should opinion polls be banned during pre election period? -Farhana Afreen (04/02/14)
  • Should opinion polls be banned during pre election period?

    Nothing compares to the fickleness of a mob being brainwashed by a speaker. Going back to the time of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare seems to have predicted how easy it is to move a kingdom against its ruler. They killed the ruler in the play and the mob did not protest until another speaker came up and gave a bigger and better speech. Is this what happens during pre election period? Banning of opinion polls is often a question raised at times as this.

    India being a democratic nation, gives freedom of speech to everyone and hence opinion from people or parties should not be banned on any occasion. Manipulative speeches and tantrums are not a new weapon being used by opposition parties. Elections have always been competitive for the very reason that there were opinions to be heard from both sides. The very reason for the creation of opposition parties was to ensure a check on the working of the party in power. Preventing opinion polls before elections would be like becoming deaf and dumb to wrong doings of the government since it is at this period itself when questions can be directly hit towards the drawbacks of the system.

    Election in India happens to be the most interesting game for some corrupt-head politicians to prove that the common people are dumb enough to believe their fake promises and they are smart enough to bluff the same nuisance again and again in years to come. Opinion poll is the best way to let them know that their tantrums are not usable twice on the common people of the country. They cannot win back the benevolence of the people after having crushed the hopes badly with scams, corruptive and disruptive measures. They must know that introducing a few new measures on television advertisement that promises housing to slum dwellers and educational provisions to the underprivileged would not make the people blind to forget their evil deeds during the ruling period.

    Opinion polls have been in question not just in India but in other nations as well. However, none of the countries have completely banned opinion polling. There are restrictions in a few nations imposed on the opinion polls that are to be published before elections. Only those that need to hide their deeds would ask for a ban in the voices of the nation while those that stand true and honest would never fear from hearing the voices aimed at them.

    Not just for the opposition party, but for the ruling party too, opinion poll has its own advantage. When you are being mocked and you know you do not deserve such blame, you have every right to answer the mocks hit towards you. The party under the mockery of the people whose opinion can move the nation to go against them can be used to impair the motives of the same person only if the target is free of faults.

    This being the era of social networking, asks for an opinion poll from all directions where moreover youth gets an opportunity to connect with the political whereabouts of the nations. Even those that are yet to reach the legal age of voting have an image of the political scenario of the nation. It is almost impossible to stop opinion polls with social media so much in effect. Banning would only encourage sharing hidden opinions which can also be false and misleading. In a system of transparent opinion polling, at least everyone knows what is being talked about and they also have the option to speak on their behalf, well, only if they are left with anything to say.

    The Shakespearean era is long over and the present times mob is better informed and alert enough to know when to move and dethrone the ruler and when to remind the so called saint of their ruthless acts done in past. Opinion polling is an advantage that must not be banned in any way.