Should PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students?

Should PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students?

PM Narendra Modi's address on Teachers Day to 1.2 crore students of India is not a small thing to be ignored. Almost students from 18 lakh schools got a chance of listening to their Prime Minister. Still, it was an event that generated controversies before it happened and now it is resulting in after event controversies. The common public, analysts, media and politicians are busy in discussing the relevance of the addressal. Some of them consider that PM ignored the main element of the day, Teachers. Do you agree? Should the PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students?


• Teachers Day is about celebration of Teachers and there was not a single measure taken by PM which proved the point.

• PM Narendra Modi didn’t make any announcements to improve the faltering education system of India where Teachers are taken for granted.

• Education system, especially the government schools have got a long list of problems. It was the time when PM could have known the real problems that teachers face in the system.

• Today no student wants to make a career in teaching. Simple encouraging words won’t motivate them to take the role. Only the improvement in teaching profession standards can attract quality teachers in system.

• A day where Teachers should have got the respect and comfort, they were busy making the preparations for PM’s addressal to students. It came with a cost in terms of time and efforts but there was no return generated from cost.


• Teachers get their status from students and when students are addressed, automatically communication is linked with teachers.

• Addressing 1.2 crore students is not a small thing. As a matter of fact, all the big events attract some form of unnecessary controversies.

• Also, there were many key points that PM discussed about teachers. He encouraged students to take up teaching as a profession.

• Teachers Day is not meant to make some key changes in the structure but it is about cherishing the day with students.

• Students of today have forgotten the meaning of Teachers Day and so, it is imperative to make them understand significance of day.


The addressal of PM Narendra Modi to students is an encouraging step. It is for the first time any Prime Minister has used the technology to connect with the students. Rather than focusing on what didn’t happened, it is better to appreciate what happened. The interaction with students is like a dream come true. Students got a chance to ask questions to PM Narendra Modi. The things missed out in the addressal can be covered up next time. In any case, it was a good innovative start!
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  • RE: Should PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students? -Ankit Yadav (09/18/14)
  • i think it's a great move by our prime minister Narendra Modi to organise such a huge addressal for the student of the country by the mean of technology. This is the first time in our country that prime-minister directly talk to the students.There are some aspect which are left behind but what is the purpose of criticising it because what is happened is to be cheered.It's better to have something than nothing.Also you can't make everyone happy so people with negative thinking always find the reason to criticise.Also the addressal by PM shows that how much he sis concerned for there people of country inspite of his busy schedule he find the time to be with student.
  • RE: Should PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students? -nitin sachan (09/14/14)
  • in my opinion prime minister addressing the students was a great move by him and was not at all focused to students.
    he talked about cleanliness in school by school authorities and students..he requested guardians and parents to go a nearby school for once in a week to was all about how to lower the burden on teachers..
    PM's addressal to students was beyond politics..
    he addressed students to learn, motivate them and guided them to respect teachers and also show way to choose right path in future.
    he as a teacher talked to childrens, shared there thoughts.
    it should be instead praised for what modi g has done.
  • RE: Should PM's Teacher's Day address have focused on teachers and not students? -Deepa Kaushik (09/12/14)
  • PM's addressal to the student community throughout the country and having an interaction with them is really an appreciable move. But we cannot deny the fact that the day and time selection for this interaction wasn't appropriate.

    Teacher's Day is a special day to dignify and pass our respect to teachers. It is the time when he should have made a point to interact with the teachers, discussed their viewpoint and tried to understand their concerns in depth as to why children avoid taking teaching as a profession.

    It is not wrong in addressing the students. In fact, it was a great effort to make extensive use of technology and make the event a grand success. But all these efforts project a focus on PM, rather than his words. Debates and discussion for what and how Modi conveyed has supervened the essence of the addressal. Students today are very smart and they can understand the value of time and money. Making the students run from pillar to post just to attend his speech at odd hours might have gained importance to Modi for his successful delivery, but we need to check with the students as to how far they found the speech relevant after taking so much of pain and efforts. Rather than the encouraging words, students need encouragement in the form of deeds, by filling-in the loopholes and mending the prevalent system for its trenches.

    Coming on to the topic of addressing the teachers, PM has instead made teachers work and put-in extra efforts to make his event a grand show. Teachers were his event managers behind the screen on the day when they should have been treated like VIP audience. Neither did the teachers got time to relax, nor could they convey their current status and the existing pros and cons in the system.

    Thus, on deeper perspective, PM's grand show buzz couldn't charm the nation in true sense. The selection of the day for the addressal to students was not appropriate and yes, it should have been the teachers to whom the addressal should have focussed