Should schools not be responsible for safety of children in their premises?

Should schools not be responsible for safety of children in their premises?

It seems Rape cases are ruling in India now. Earlier it was limited the adoloscent girls and women which is now seen shifting to children. Shameless! A small school going girl, six years old who has just started with her education was sexually assaulted in a reputed Bangalore school. I should repeat it again - "a reputed school". When the angry parents demanded an answer from school authority, they said action would be taken against the offenders. However, they handed a declaration to the parents which stated that ‘management cannot be held responsible for student’s safety in school premises.’ Do you agree with the school management? Should they not be responsible for safety of children in school premises?


• Teachers and School Management are there to provide education and discipline to the students, and their work is limited to same.

• Thousands of students study in a school. How will it be possible for the management to keep a check on anyone?

• Safety is just not about preventing the rapes; it covers many other cases like unseen accidents that are not in the hands of management.

• Children are provided with the guidelines and rules that they need to follow, but if children recklessly move away from them, the accidents are bound to happen.

• Parents cannot assure the safety of their children when they are with them, so how can school take the complete responsibility of safety of children. Exceptions are always there.


• The children are in the custody of school management when they are in school, and so it is their responsibility to take care of students.

• There is a day and night difference between the rape cases and the unseen accidents that the school management have to understand.

• The schools should be responsible for every action and step that is taken by the recruited staff and affects the children.

• The incident happened in a posh school that charges hefty fees for education. Education doen’t costs so much. The fees is given to fulfill their responsibilities which also include safety of children.

• Schools are second home of children where they spend their most of the time after home. And, all the schools that say, they are not responsible do not deserve a school license.


It is really shameless for the school management to come ahead and say that they are not responsible for the safety of children. Parents understand that unseen accidents are not in hands of schools, but the cases like rapes don’t come under the same category. It is the responsibility of school to keep a watch on the children as well as on staff so that parents can stay assured of their children when they are in school.
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  • RE: Should schools not be responsible for safety of children in their premises? -Deepa Kaushik (07/18/14)
  • Education is an important part of life. Parents are bound to send their children to the schools and rely on the school faculties and management for the safety and security of their children. Not just the rape and sexual assault cases, even other sorts of accidents and incidences within the school premises need to be checked by the management.

    Correctly said, school is like a second home for children, who spend half of their day within the school premises. It is very obvious that neither the parents can remain with the children at the school, nor can the children be considered mature enough to take care of themselves in all aspects. A child is sent to the school not only to learn the subjects given as the study material in books, but to attain the practical knowledge of discipline, getting aligned to the rules, basic manners etc. which are a necessary part of the life. So is the knowledge to take care of self, which need to be learnt at school in different steps and levels with their growing age.

    We cannot expect a six year old child to understand the crime like sexual assault to get themselves away from such a situation. Such incidences prevailing within the school premises are definitely the responsibility of the school management. This social responsibility is not only for the posh rated schools but it is equally applicable for all the schools. The school management need to be vigilant and they are bound to take care of the kids within their premises.