Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools?

Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools?

It is no surprise that people today are running out of time. They don’t even have time to notice what the people next to them are doing. So, in this scenario should social service be made compulsory in schools? Will it really help to improve the conditions of the nation? In the past the schools had NCC and NSS but they are very rare now. So, is making social services compulsory in schools a good idea?


- Social service can be a medium of inspiration for students to make them realize their responsibility. They can put in their efforts to improve quality of life.

- It will act as a pathway to provide their contribution in public interest. They can perform it many different ways.

- Social service helps to develops teamwork and leadership skills, good experiences, enhances job skills and gives an opportunity to meet new people.

- Nowadays people are getting more aggressive and less caring. Everything has become a business now. It such a scenario it is must to take measures to bring a change.

- Social service will also yield benefits in the future as when the students get a job they will know not only how to handle the work independently but also to work in a team whenever necessary.


- IF social service is made compulsory students will do only the minimum work that is needed which will end the purpose of social service. It will result in a problem of morality.

- Forcing anything on a student makes them repulsive towards that act. It might happen that the move may backfire and students may start hating the very idea of social service.

- Students already have many things to complete after school including sports, homework and other work It is a struggle between all existing tasks for a student to devote time to social service.

- School is stated as a place for learning and not a place for giving back things to the society. In case, students want to opt for it, they should do on their own.

- For lower income students, it is a complete waste as they can use the time for completing some other paid work that can assist their family financially.


Social service can serve as a good platform for students to get good experience and enhance their job skills. It will also help students to stay away from the other bad activities as they won’t have any free time to spend on such things. The measure will inculcate knowledge and skills in students. It certainly has many advantages as compared to the disadvantages.
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  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -P.Kolandasamy, Puducherry (05/11/18)
  • Personality development through social mingling & work is the basic idea to be imparted among youth / students. Youth should not be engaged as cheap labors but to inculcate civic responsibility. Social service to be made compulsary with proper ideology.
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -Hemant (06/02/17)
  • All of here says that social service is compalsory for students in school. I want to ask why?

    and why only student do it, is it not our responsibility also,

    If any person studying in college,doing job in any firm,even school student cannot do any social activity bacause they have a lots of task after leave from college ,office and school.

    It is not mendatory to do social service for improving personality development

    only that person can participate in social service who have a lot of leisure time
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -Shorabh Gupta (02/18/17)
  • Yes, it's compulsory in all school because Student increase will power , mind creativity, leadership qualities, help to others, increase love for society and nation .

    Life is not only a earn money, it gives only a blessing and happiness to those people who are in your circle.

    So all school management and principal 1 day in a week for social activities it compulsory for all students.

  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -saurav srivastav (04/14/15)
  • we cant impose any thing on students.they may feel it like a burden on them which may effect studies as well.everybody has different area of the same time they might develop negative regarding social services which may stop them doing it when it is real time to should not be should depend on an individuals intrest
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -siya more (04/13/15)
  • Making Social services compulsory in school premises is a very good thought. The compulsion to participate in such activities will definitely help students to develop a habit of social work. As the compulsions like home work, class work, extra activities, sports etc. motivate students to participate with full efforts; similarly this step will induce a feeling of social work in them. Children are like clay and we can shape them in beautiful pots provided right direction. We can shape and change their behavior or thinking by developing the plant of good morals and values within their hearts. One has to study all the subjects in school even though having affinity for any special one or two. Each and every student is good or bad in one or other subject but has to study all. Same is the case with social services, some may have interest in them while some may not but they have to participate in them. This will help to discover the core competencies in them and they may choose to opt social services as their careers. This step will be a single footstep for great change as the future of country will get shaped today. This will nurture the feeling of love, brotherhood, togetherness, secularism, teamwork, group behavior, practical experiences and benevolence in them. This is somewhat like an investment for a future United India Plan. The behavior and thinking of a person depends upon the experiences and lessons of his/her childhood. Hence, we can say that what we want to see our coming generations should be, we have to plan for it today.
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -melvin mathew (04/13/15)
  • Now all are fast moving behind the money, power and nobody have the time to think about who is next door or do they need anything etc. So it is the time to think about the social responsibilities and services. The school children being the next generation it is relevent to dicuss whether social service be compulsorily included in schools.
    My point is that it shoult not be included compulsorily. Because as term itself say it is a service, not something do compolsurily. Service should come voluntarily. By compelling them to do service may kead to a negative result. So what we should d is that create an awareness about the needy people around us and attract them to do social services. For that awareness classes can be conducted in schools, workships,interaction with old peoples,vist orphanages,hospitals etc should be done and aware them about social responsibilities so that they may get attracted towards the same and service comes voluntarily. Thank you
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -manohar (04/10/15)
  • yes.... 1. responsibility will increase. 2. society will improve. 3. spare time will utilize.
  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -Himansu Rath (04/10/15)
  • It is a very good idea to make Social Service compulsory in schools sothat ,The students are known about the society ,they can know which is good or harm for society. From book they know Tree is a friend of Human being ,when they planted seeds at that time they actually know the truth.with social service ,sports should be compulsory in schools.

    but keep in mind that it must not create Extra pressure on students.if it happen then students frustrated from the Social Service.Teach the student in such a way that they get practical knowledge and put interest on social work.

  • RE: Should Social Services Be Made Compulsory In Schools? -Deepa Kaushik (04/09/15)
  • It is good idea to implement the education of social service in schools. Making the social service compulsory would be a form of practical education on the moral values which is utmost required in the present era. But, the importance of imparting such a form of education will hold any relevance in the society only if we can opt proper age group to promote this form of education.

    Social service is not something that could be forced into anyone. This is a form of inborn trait that comes from within. This compulsary social service could be part of the education curriculum for junior classes like 4th to 8th when students are adaptive to learning new things and does not have their own supremacy over their will. Students should be in the receptive age group to promote relevant social service, otherwise, the service done just for sake won’t be of any use to the end user.

    The social service if made compulsory for the teenagers could not be all that fruitful, as the teenagers tend to implement their own ideas into action. Not every individual is caring enough to help others with all their will, and the job done against will doesn’t prove to be all that successful. Hence, the education department needs to be very careful while implementing this compulsory social service in schools.