Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice?

Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice?

The general elections are here and people are waiting for the day to vote. But then there are some people who are not at all interested in casting their votes. It is not that they don’t understand the importance of their vote but they are not ready to cast votes just because they understand the importance of their vote. There is a difference in both the cases. They want the choice of NOTA (None of the above). So is there demand right? Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice?


• India is a democratic country and everyone has a right to liberty. So why there is a problem to give them the right of voting to no one?

• Before advent of electronic balloting if the voters didn’t wanted to vote any of the candidates then they simply wasted or spoiled the ballot paper. But now if an individual wants to back out then there is a complex procedure. They have to fill the Form 49(A).

• It will allow the people to show their dissent against the people standing for the elections. And the parties would be forced to change their representatives.

• Once the NOTA option is started then people can see a rise in the number of people coming out for vote.

• It is better not to choose anyone rather than selecting a lesser evil. It will encourage transparency in the system.

• In the objective paper if no answer is correct then the right answer is NOTA. The same principle stands true in voting.


• NOTA option holds no importance for the local people. In the present time most of the people are so busy in their busy lives that they won’t prefer to stand in the long queues just to cast NOTA.

• If NOTA option is introduced then it will result in the re-elections. It will only result in the extra costs of elections and more time will be wasted.

• If again the candidate is not finalized in the re-election then what? To introduce NOTA is not a simple task. To implement it, a large number of changes will be require din the system.

• NOTA option will be taken as a fun option by many people. They will cast their vote to NOTA just for their entertainment. It will lead to unfair voting process.

• If you don’t support any candidate then it is better to cast no vote. People don’t come for vote even if they support a candidate. Then how will NOTA change anything? Its just waste of time, ink and of course human staff involve din the voting process.


Every citizen of the country has a right to express his opinions, even if it no one. There are times when people want to vote and have to select the person just because there is no other choice. Opening the option of NOTA will allow people to reject the candidates and probably this could be a start of fair politics.
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  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Ajit Bane (10/12/19)
  • Yes,
    There should be NOTA in EvM maschine . Also election condition should consider these votes in counting there should be some percentage of NOTA finalized by ECI to disqualify the candidates and the will not get chane of getting elected in future.
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Manya (01/10/19)
  • No,the voters should not be given the NOTA choice as it is totally useless. No one will stand in the long line just to give their vote to no one , they will simply not give their vote.
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Anonymous (10/22/14)
  • NOTA or none of the above is also called the right to rejection,the right given to the
    Indian voters in recent years.The NOTA enables the voters to reject all the candidates who are contesting the elections if they find that none of the candidates are eligible to solve their problems.If this right is given to the voters then he wont face the problem of forcefully voting the candidate who he thinks is ineligible.By the virtue of this right voters now feel that he/she can play an important role in the rejection of the candidates,which plays an important role in motivating the voter to go and cast his vote.Also the parties are more conscious not to give tickets to undeserving candidates.So NOTA should be given to the voters because it is a step towards making our country more democratic
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -saurabh shukla (10/22/14)
  • yes there should be NOTA option becouse every person has liberty .... suppose there r two candidates those r contesting the election having have any sort of criminal charge on them in that condition Nota system comes in exitence as a responsible citizen will go to vote rather wasting his/her vote...
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Tanu (09/24/14)
  • I am agreeing your point that Nota is an option which is given for the knowing the number of people who are not satisfied with any of the contestant in participation. But if we look at the practicality of the situation then, I don't If there can be a situation possible that people are fully satisfied with a candidate. If someone has really a problem with system then better if he gives some solution regarding his point and here in this case a voter can give his opinion by opting for the best suitable candidate. Opting NOTA is not giving solution rather it is giving for example "an anonymous criticism for a situation"
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Ashutosh Mahajan (09/24/14)
  • Yes, voters should be given a NOTA, because in India people don't out of affection for a particular party, but they vote simply because they don't any other option, either BJP or CONGRESS. All in all the right to vote is not properly exercised. A right is well exercised only when people use it as a tool to bring about a positive change in society. By introducing NOTA, the politicians can get the idea of their own ineffectiveness. This can also have positive effect on the party, in the sense that, they will try hard to revive and prove their worth in future.
  • RE: Should voters be given a NOTA (None of the above) choice? -Deepa Kaushik (04/12/14)
  • Providing NOTA to the voters is definitely a very good option in the present scenario. We visualize the similar scenario and the voting percentage in a specific area on every election. Deeply looking to the cause for the same, it’s the “no confidence” motion that makes the voting percentage taper down in every successive election.

    With new political parties emerging every now and then, people could hardly understand the genuineness of the candidate contesting the election. Though the candidates and government changes with every election, but the status of the common man and the economy of the country doesn’t improve even a bit. We keep struggling in the long run for our basic necessities.

    These unchanging level of livelihood of the common man has a devastating effect on the minds of the masses. The rich becoming richer and poor becoming more and more poor, is not the expected criteria for the voters. This being the main reason, the common man decides not to vote. And this empty vote , again plays up, as the politicians start their game of fake voting.

    To avoid such fake votes, and get the fair decision of the people, as per our democratic principle, we need to have the right for the common man to announce aloud that he doesn’t feel anyone worthy to be voted. Not only NOTA, but also the minimum vote percentile should also be decided for the eligibility to get to the power.