Should we raise a voice for maintenance and services?

My city, Lucknow, is soon to undergo metro development but looking at the real scenario, we do not even have good roads in some of the residential sectors like Mahanagar and Gomti Nagar. I want to know if I, as a responsible citizen, should raise a voice for maintenance and services or is it better to be a silent listen in such situations.


Good roads contribute to the growth and development of a nation and as a responsible citizen you must not be just a silent listener. Bad roads must be causing trouble to the residents of the areas you mentioned and you must complain against them. However, the metro development plan is an entirely different scenario which is indeed for the growth and benefit of the nation. Keeping this matter aside you can along with some other influential members of these areas lodge complain to the commissioner of Municipal Corporation. Wait for a reasonable period of time for a reply from them. If your complain goes unheard for months, you can ask for the "Action Taken Report" under RTI. Remember it is the people of a nation that could bring about changes and you have to raise your voice if you want to be heard.
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