Should we really create new IITs?

Should we really create new IITs?


IITs are 'institutions of national importance' established by Institutes of Technology Act, 1961. After India got its Independence, the world was changing. The leaders were able to envisage coming of ' Age of technology 'rather than capital. After Kharagpur became first IIT,different IITs were established that are scattered in different parts of country to maintain regional balance.

IITs are internationally respected for the quality of their graduates and teaching. IITs receive comparatively higher grants than any other engineering colleges in India. They have advantage in terms of faculty-to-student ratio which is between 1:6 and 1:8. The autonomous nature of IITs gives them the freedom to create their own curricula and adapt rapidly to the changes in educational requirements, free from bureaucratic hurdles. The government has no direct control over internal policy decisions of IITs.

We just read that the cut off for admissions to IITs has been lowered down to 6%.

A recent announcement of HRD ministry's proposal to set up New IITs was debated by educationists but every coin has 2 sides which need to be evaluated.


1. Establishment of new IIT's will create more opportunities. There is cutthroat competition for getting admission in IITs . To cater to the growing needs the demand for increasing number of IITs should be considered.

2. Scientific progress will ensure transformation of developing nation towards developed nation. As country moves towards this path the IITs will fulfill the aspirations of young minds and and turn India into scientific prowess.

3. More number of IITs could attract foreign students especially from South Asia. That could turn India into regional science capital and provide opportunity of progress to best student in the region. Even new IITs will be set up in different parts of the country that will bring opportunities for people residing in surrounding areas and regional balance.

4. Upgrading existing academic institutions that have the required infrastructure and commitment into IITs will be beneficial move. This will be beneficial to all the concerned parties - students, institute and the governement.


1. IITs are institutes of higher learning. In India we face dire situation in terms of primary and secondary education which is basic need of population so it is more important to improve the situation in this field must be improved before spending on IITs.

2. Spending money on existing IITs to improve infrastructure, R&D facilities, well trained faculty, sophisticated labs and research facilities is wiser idea. If need be, the number of seats in these existing institues should be increased.

3. Eight new IITs set up in 2008 faces disappointment as many of them have no buildings. They are being run in some polytechnic college or private college under shades even after many years of their establishment.

4. The students admitted in IITs are the cream of the society. If government increases quantity over quality these students might migrate to foreign universities. As the competition will be easy, average student might get the tag of being an IITian but it will not ensure them a good job as the quality produced will not be of the same level.

5. There is also chance that it will create a divide between new and old IIT as student will prefer old IITs

6. The new IITs will be established in the remote areas, it will be difficult to lure qualified academic staff eroding the quality of education.


Government should think wisely before opening up new IIT campuses. Of course we require more institutes but rather than starting a number of campuses at a time to just show up the figures, the Government should adopt a planned approach and spend wisely on improving the quality of existing institutes.
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  • RE: Should we really create new IITs? -Deepa Kaushik (07/16/15)
  • We are continuously behind the term cut-throat competition, when we talk of IITs. On one hand we give long speeches to ease out the burden on students every year with the number of suicidal attempts by students; on the other hand we are not ready to ease out the competition for the top ranking institutes. We are neither ready to open new institutes with quality education, nor do we accept when students run from pillar to post and eventually fail to get admission in the regular courses.

    We cannot sail on two ships at the same time. We need to choose one platform to get parked. We have an ever increasing population with number of pass outs increasing every year. In such a scenario, we definitely need more choice of courses with an increase in the number of seats per course in every college. Since we are not increasiong the number of vacancies for the students, the existing colleges are left with no other option than increasing the cut-offs. That is very much evident by the 100% cut off at DU.

    In these prevailing circumstances, there is no harm in increasing thenumber of IITs, provided we can manage to maintain the charm and quality of education in all the IITs at the same level. It would still be difficult to get into IITs as we have agood creamy layer hovering here and there every year to get quality education.

    The decrease in percentile at IIT Rourkee is one example of making the competition to cut-throat level. Creamy layer want their education seat confirmed, so they don't want tolose scope anywhere else in the dilemma of whether getting into IIT or not. If the same competition is made more viable for the students, the top institutes might be able to maintain their charm y maintaining their percentile.

    Precisely, we should make the lives easy and simple rather than making it more and more complicated. Hence, opening new IITs maintain the same level of quality education would be wise option to proceed with.
  • RE: Should we really create new IITs? -Maverick (07/15/15)
  • I don't think any new IIT's should be created the reason being IIT's are the most prestigious educational institutions prevailing in India. If any more IIT's would be created , we would be simply devaluating & abasing its prestige which it has gained over years. There's a viable reason behind such repute of IIT's . IIT entrance exams are considered as one of the toughest exams all across the globe.

    Moreover creating so many IIT's would diminish the reputation of other colleges like NITs and other colleges of national importance .There's a cut throat competition to get into IITs and we should try to keep it that way. There used to be a time when only 5000 students were able to qualify IIT entrance exams but now this figure has gone to around 27000 ,intriguing right !!! The recent case of IIT Roorkee admitting those students who got below 6 percentile is like adding salt to injury .

    So on a concluding note i would say that there's absolutely no requirement of any more IITs in our nation because we don't want students to qualify IITs with a casual approach and colleges of that stature demand cut throat competition. So we should let it be that way!