Should women be allowed to join army, navy and air force?

Some people think women should be allowed to join the army, the navy and the air force just like men while others feel that they should not as they are delicate and require more security.

Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

The armed forces are one of the most crucial elements for any nation. With terrorism and crime on the rise, the contribution of army, air force or naval forces has only increased over time. The opening up of economy in the last few years has seen more women stepping out of their homes to pursue higher education as well as jobs. Thanks to the plethora of career options as well as government’s increasing focus on woman’s liberation, the number of girls joining jobs has been steadily surging.

The armed forces have been traditionally been considered a male bastion. However, this changed quickly after the government opened up entry for women in sectors such as aviation, engineering, military forces, law amongst others.

From the 1st batch of lady officer joining the Indian armed forces in 1992 to a share of over 3, 4 & 10 % in army, navy and air force, the number of women who have taken up a career in defence has been significant. While the general tendency is to consider girls delicate entailing greater protection, the brave acts by them has led to diminishing of this image.

A number of women had been assigned the task of UN peacekeeping mission half a decade back signaling the change in their image just in a span of two decades. There may be a grain of truth that women are physically less strong than men but there is no doubt about the fact they not only handle tough times with equal courage but are also efficient managers. It is a proven fact through various studies that women are mentally stronger than men. This has helped them go through the rigorous trainings as well as face harsh challenges that are a part of being in the armed forces.

The second most populated country in the world also has the third largest army. But, if perceptions of women in the country improve with time and gender disparities reduce, one may find more of uniform-clad women officers. Names such as Kiran Bedi, India’s first lady IPS officer and Lieutenant General Puneeta Arora, a lady officer from the Army Medical Corps, heading the prestigious defense institution, the Armed Forces Medical College have already inspired millions of girls across the country to take up a career option in defence and prove that they are as strong as their male counterparts.

Even though the path chosen is tough for women, they have proved that spirit and courage makes them as efficient as men. They may not be a part of combat arms or flying aircrafts, but it may not be long before these domains are also opened to them considering the remarkable track record over last two decades.
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