Should women ride bikes?

Should women ride bikes?

Aam Aadmi Party Candidate Gul Panag must have lost in Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat but still she managed to secure third position. However, here it is not about her position in Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat. Here more importantly it is about gaining the attention of people all over the country for campaigning on bike. It is not only Gul Panag but many other girls in India who are opting for change. Should girls opt for this new change? Should they ride bikes?


• If there is no physical or other harm for women in riding bikes, then why should they restrict from bike riding?

• Bike riding or any other form of riding, it all depends on personal interest. It is immaterial if it is a man or woman.

• It can be a simple gesture that can show the change in society. It is a way to depict women empowerment.

• Bikes are considered to be more fuel efficient than other forms of vehicles. Women riders means increase in bike riders, that further indicates more fuel saving.

• Gone are the days when women were considered as a delicate and fragile creature. Now she doesn’t have any fear of getting hurt. They now have the guts to handle the macho culture.


• Give one simple reason why women should opt for bike riding when they have many more convenient options available. Change should come at right time and for right reasons.

• Women should try and compete with men only in the areas where there is a requirement; otherwise it can just change into ego fights.

• The higher percentage of accidents happens because of speedy driving of car and bikes. It will add to more number of accidents. Bikes are a tough thing to handle.

• Girls with moderate weight find it easy to ride bikes but what about the other girls. It can just lead to discrimination in the group itself.

• More number of women riders will come as an opportunity for the bike manufacturers to focus on more girly models. It will be a new market for them.

• Women tend to be physically more cautious and bike riding doesn’t suits their nature.


It is ok if women want to ride bikes. But bike riding should never be made as a reason of women empowerment. Women empowerment is not about bike riding. It is more about placing the women at par with men at the right places. Enjoy the fun, and let the bigger matters stay aside.
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  • RE: Should women ride bikes? -Deepa Kaushik (05/22/14)
  • Bike is a vehicle, like any other vehicle. If the person who is riding finds it comfortable and suits their lifestyle, then it does not matter whether the rider is a man or woman. Bike is a heavy vehicle which requires the ability to be handled with care. Also bikes require a minimum moderate built rider to manage the same with ease.

    There can be no justified reason for restricting women community as a whole from riding bikes. The restriction can be with respect to the physical make up an health condition of the individual, but that does not support the stand of restricting women as a whole.

    Again for the argument of the increase in the number of accidents, that does not depend on the gender of the riders. The accidents are due to the irresponsible driving and not due to the women drivers. So this stand again lose it value to impose a restriction.

    Denying from the riding should carry some strong reasons. So far there is no clause which can be justified to stop women bike riders. Men and women both share equal pleasure status in driving. Women undoubtedly can be better riders, if given a fair chance.