Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?

Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?

Take a look around you, and you will find that whether it is adults or the children, they are busy with their tech devices. Children keep on playing games on their personal computer or mobiles whenever they get time. Adults are busy with other entertainment stuff on their tech devices. In a tech savvy world, children are getting lazier. They are suffering from health problems at a very early age. Seeing the present conditions, should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?


• Children are more loaded with the burden of study in the present day competitive world where parents wants them to come at top slot at any cost.

• Yoga will provide the children with much needed break from their hectic lifestyle of studies and other activities.

• It is one of the ways that can make children realize the difference between the active life and the passive life.

• The present generation is suffering from posture problems as most of the time they work on laptops or are busy with mobiles. Yoga helps them to maintain right posture.

• In the age where everything is open on the internet, yoga helps the children to gain control over their mind and body in all the aspects.

• One of the most important things is the cost factor. Schools don’t need to spend huge amount of money to impart yoga education to students.


• Children are already occupied with lots of work, and they hardly get any time to spend on themselves.

• The cost of Yoga classes will be ultimately passed to the students creating an extra financial burden on parents.

• The most important problem that cannot be ignored is the untrained instructor. It is necessary to have a well trained Yoga instructor that is rarely found in society.

• Yoga should be done in proper guidance otherwise it can also lead to injuries if performed in unsystematic way.

• Making yoga classes is like forcing something unwanted on the students. Instead of Yoga, school can opt for the other activities like games or aerobics.

• Yoga can make children Hypochondriac that can create heightened body awareness creating problems at young age.


The present day generation whether it is students, youngsters or the adults are really stressed out. They have time for all the unwanted work. When it comes to constructive things, they complain about shortage of time. Making yoga compulsory is in school is a good idea. It will help the students to relax and get control over their mind and body. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Moreover, it is convenient and flexible for the school authorities to implement in schools.
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  • RE: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools? -Srijeeta Majumder (04/09/18)
  • Superb debate waiting for new topics
    Yes should be there in school
  • RE: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools? -Nidhish Shirur (02/21/18)
  • This essay was really helpful to me!
    Thanks a lot!!!
  • RE: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools? -Jenefa (10/31/17)
  • hello to respected readers,
    i don't understand your notion on yoga being taught compulsorily in schools. if you keep school life is stressful and life is depressing so we need yoga. i strongly suggest "wake up". instead of changing syllabus and teaching style you impose another load on kids. in today's world Finland is considered as best in education and i dont see they teaching yoga!!? denmark kids are considered to be having the happiest childhood and i don't see yoga there too. instead of encouraging kids to be creative and instead of motivating parents to spend more life you plan to again squeeze a structured plan to make kids life miserable.
    and if you answer me saying yoga is our culture and heritage, then i would like to state that we are a diverse group , a mixture of cultures, and religious believes. so my request is please don't make yoga compulsory hoping that we still live in democratic India.
    yours truly
  • RE: Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools? -Deepa Kaushik (07/30/14)
  • Yoga is a good exercise and it is always good to practice yogic exercises in the morning. Yoga helps to maintain the equilibrium, increases the attention and concentration power, keeps body fit and healthy. Yoga helps to rejuvenate the body and gives the freshness to the body tissues. Yogic exercises do have a specific time to get the maximum output from them.

    Many of us prefer to stay fit and try to do the exercise to our best in the way we know. We always feel the necessity to learn the proper way of performing the exercise in the correct posture. Learning such exercises in schools would be the most appropriate way to inculcate this good habit into the lifestyle.

    School is the place where the stepping stones get moulded and learn to withstand the harsh realities of the world. This form of teaching the yoga in schools will help the children to develop the good habits of performing the exercise in the morning. This will also help in their physical and mental fitness and proper development of their intellectual power. With so many good effects, making yoga compulsory in schools would be welcome move.