Significance of the Preamble

Significance of the Preamble

Question: The Preamble embodies the core fundamental values and the philosophy, on which the Indian Constitution is based. Discuss its significance.

• The Preamble to the Constitution contains the aims and objectives which the founding fathers of the Constitution enjoined the polity to achieve

• SC has also pointed out the importance and utility of the Preamble in several decisions

• Though it by itself is not enforceable in the Court of Law, the Preamble to the written Constitution promotes and aids the legal interpretation especially in case of ambiguous language

• The Preamble also indicates the source from which the constitution’s authority is derived

• It states objects which the Constitution aims to set up and promote

• The Preamble also promotes the aims of democracy; offering of equal opportunity to men and women regardless of other factors in matters of public employment also implements the democratic ideal

• The Indian Constitution provides not only political, but social democracy as well; Social democracy refers to a way of life that acknowledged liberty, equality and fraternity and their mutual intertwined roles

• Constitution also promotes economic democracy and Gandhi’s principles

• No reading of the Constitution is complete without the Preamble

• The Constitution commences from the Preamble

• The Preamble has played a key role in shaping the destiny of India

• The Preamble also contains the enacting clause which brought the Constitution into force

• It declares the great rights and freedom which people of India are entitled to as citizens of this nation

• It also elucidates further on the source of the Constitution

• It secures social, economic and political justice as well as liberty of thought, equality of status and opportunity and dignity of individuals for the Indian citizen

• Preamble is the basic structure of the constitution and it states that people are the ultimate authority in a democracy

• The Preamble stresses the unit of the nation and definition of objectives of the Indian Republic
• Preamble may also be invoked to determine the ambit of Fundamental Rights and DPSP

• Preamble has been described as the soul of the constitution

• The Preamble along with the Fundamental Rights and DPSP has been characterised as the trinity of the Indian Constitution

Facts and Stats

• The Constitution of India has an elaborate Preamble unlike Constitution of Australia, the US or Canada

• The purpose of the Preamble is to clarify whom the Constitution has been made for, the sanction, the course, nature of policy and goals and objectives of the Constitution

• The Preamble gives direction and purpose to the Constitution

• Preamble was introduced in the Indian Constitution in the year 1976 by the 42nd AA

• Preamble says Constitution was adopted in 1949 though it came into force from 26th January 1950
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