Skills to possess for Prosthetics and Orthotics

What are the skills should I possess to become a good candidate of this profession?

Since it is a health care profession the main attribute for a candidate that he should be compassionate to the people/his or her patients. They should have passion of making the difference every day. Besides this a good candidate should have sound communication skills as he/she will be dealing with different people. Following are the some summarized skills required:

- Desire to improve the lives of patients
- Interpersonal skills
- Problem solving
- Good aptitude of math and science
- Commitment
- Comfortable in working with different people
- Practical way of solving a problem
- sensitivity and understanding to the needs of patients
- the ability to use your initiative and work well in a team
- strong IT skills (for designing)
- artistic skills
- mechanical and engineering skills
- knowledge of anatomy and physiology
- technical aptitude
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