Smart National Common Mobility Card: Benefits

Smart National Common Mobility Card: Benefits

Question: Ministry of Urban Development has come out with the Smart National Common Mobility Card model to ensure efficient and seamless travelling. Discuss the benefits of this technology initiative.

- Smart National Common Mobility card model is to ensure seamless travel through different metros and other transport systems apart from retail shopping and purchase

- This card is inter-operable across different transport systems

- It can also be used as a credit/debit card

- EMV Open Loop Card with store value based model has recently been approved

- Smart Common Mobility Payment Card addresses problems and weaknesses in cards being used in Singapore and other nations

- Card meets travel needs associated with stored value of money

- It can be used for travelling by any means of transport and enable account based retail apps

- Card does away with the need for carrying separate cards for banking and transit

- This method also facilitates checking for ticket less travel, collection of fines apart from lowered cost of robust backend systems for operation

Facts and Stats

- There is no nationwide common card except Singapore where inter operability is confined to only the city

- NPCI will be responsible for management of support services for this technology initiative

- C-DAC will develop standards and hardware for metro gates/ validators with related ecosystems
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