Social Worker career objective and career summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Social Worker


To secure a role at ABC Foundation as a Social worker. The vast experience coupled with deep knowledge on matters of child handling can aid in making a positive impact on the lives of children.


• A Masters in Child Psychology from University of Australia with over 3 years of experience with Pratham Council of Vulnerable Children, Mumbai.
• Scouting for potential areas of child abuse and child labour and rescuing them in South and Central Mumbai.
• Responsible for managing a team of 5 which would look after rehabilitation of these children as well as taking care of their basic needs.
• Interacting with local government bodies for any kind of assistance with respect to rescue of children.
• Designing various kinds of training programs for providing elementary level of learning for the children.
• Collaborating with other NGO’s on cooperating for making a more effective impact.
• Good physical stamina coupled with a genuine interest in upliftment of children and society as a whole.
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  • Social Worker career objective and career summary -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/14)
  • Career Objective:

    Secure the position as a ’social worker’ in your organization, where I can utilize my expertise in the implementation of plans towards the social awareness and add to the repute of the organization.

    Career Summary:

    - B.Sc. with Masters in Physical Health with 5 year experience of working in an N.G.O.
    - In-depth knowledge of the duties of a social worker with responsibilities as event co-ordinator for the social cause.
    - Experience of developing layout plans, generating the revenue, organizing the events, implementation of the distribution plans for the social cause.
    - Ability to design high-quality and cost-effective service offerings.
    - Experience of serving the orphans, homeless elderly people, supporting the rape victims and physically assaulted girls.
    - Ability to identify, recognize and counsel the betrayed individuals and guide them with a proper channel in life.
    - Experience of handling and resolving, marital issues and ill-treated poor children with development of child-care programs.
    - Experience of visiting slums and counselling them regarding hygiene, sanitation and nutritional requirements.
    - Good knowledge of computers with ability to keep the record of victims for the annual senses and analyses purposes.
    - Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.