Software developer freshers - CV samples and formats

Software developer freshers - CV samples and formats

Contact no.91*******

Career Objective

To pursue a career in software development and contribute to any Implementation department in the organisation and enhance my skills

Computer skills

Machines: IBM PC compatibles, Rockwell ACD, Macintosh
Languages: VBA, BASIC, Turbo Pascal, DB/c, Turbo C, COBOL
Programs: MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Crystal Reports, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Support Magic, Norton Utilities
Operating Systems: MS Vista, MS XP, MS Windows1, SCO UNIX, MS DOS
Hardware: Experienced with installation of mother boards, SIMM chips, internal/external modems, NICs, SCSI and IDE hard disks, SCSI floppy drives, SCSI I/O ports, and various printer



Company-GFD for 6 months as Systems Developer


-Migration of extensive filePro database to MS Access utilizing tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, and VBA.
-Troubleshoot and maintain existing MS Access database
-Troubleshoot and diagnose UNIX, filePro, PC, and MS Windows related problems for in-house staff.
-Troubleshoot and debug minor program bugs.
-Modifying existing programs with enhancements.
-Handling Help Desk function as well as prioritizing, resolving, recognizing, and routing end-user computer problems.
-Assisting seniors and completing the work assigned by them

Educational Qualification

-BE in Computer Programming and Analysis from 2 university with T%
-HSC from B college with distinction


-Java certified from AB institute


-Received gold medal for standing 1st in the university during graduation
-Won Tennis tournament at state level competition
-Participated in singing competition and bagged 2nd prize

Personal details

DOB: xx/xx/19xx
Languages known:English, Hindi,Bengali
Hobbies: Listening to music,Singing, Playing tennis
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  • Software developer freshers CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Objective

    Seeking for a challenging and rewarding opportunity in an organization to utilize my true potential and nurture my excellent analytical and technical skills in IT Software Industry.

    Key Skills

    -Programming Languages: C, C++.Core Java, Adv Java, Servlets, JSP, HTML.
    -Database: Oracle 10g.
    -Frame Works: Struts Hibernate.
    -Operating Systems: Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

    Personality Traits

    -Quick learner and smart worker.
    -Ability to survive in any situation.
    -Strong knowledge of IT subjects.
    -Focused with positive attitude.

    Academic Qualification

    -M.C.A from “XYZ University” with 78% in 20**.
    -B.Sc. (CS) from “XYZ University” with 80% in 20**.
    -HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75% in 20**.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Project Name: “Evaluating the vulnerability of network traffic”
    Team size: 6
    Technology Used: JAVA Swings.
    Project description: Analyse the security and protocols in wireless networks state vulnerability of secure network traffic. Demonstrate vulnerability study by metrics. Principle used for the

    Project: Greedy Node captures Approximation using Vulnerability Evaluation.


    -Awarded as “Best Student of the Year” in 20**.
    -Achieved first position in board exam.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Participated in various paper presentation competitions in college and state level.
    -Selected as Team Captain in my College.
    -Organizer of College Technical event in 20**.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: 25 June 19**.
    -Languages known: Hindi and English.
    -Address: XYZ
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  • Software developer freshers CV sample

    Sumit XXXXX
    Contact: XXXXXX
    Mail Id:

    Career Objective

    To acquire a entry level position in software development field where I could enhance my skills along with serving the company for better growth.

    Core competencies

    -Programming languages: C, C++, Java, .Net, ASP .Net.
    -Visual basic
    -MS Access.
    -Hard working.
    -Target oriented.
    -Meeting target deadlines.
    -Team work.

    Educational Background

    -2 year diploma in software development from XXXX Institute in year XXXX with XX %.
    -3 year polytechnic diploma in Information technology from XXXX College in year XXXX with XX %.
    -High School from XXXX School in year XXXX with XX %.


    -Title: Online examination system in Java

    Team Size: 4

    Responsibility: Coding and database management

    Details: This project was about to manage the exams online for the colleges and institutes.

    -Title: Bank Management system in ASP .Net

    Team Size: 5
    Responsibility: Database management
    Details: This is to manage their bank account. Person will get complete details of their transactions and balance.


    -1 month training from XXXXX Company on “Software Development”.
    -45 days training on Database management from XXXX Company.

    Extracurricular activities

    -Member of the college cricket team and represented college in various competitions.
    -Winner of painting competition for many times.


    -Playing cricket.
    -Internet surfing.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXXX
    Address: XXXXXX
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  • Software developers CV sample

    91 856*******


    -A goal oriented & energetic Software Engineer who is capable of handling all the software related issues.
    -Interested in a challenging & innovative career in a Software development environment.


    -Design and integration problem solving skills.
    -Well versed in Java, C++, .NET, and SQL.
    -Strong written and verbal communications.
    -Passionate about computers.
    -Result driven.
    -Good analytical & logical thinking.


    -Bachelor of Computer Engineering from BDJ University with First class.
    -HSC (Science) from State Board with First Class.
    -SSC from State Board with First class.


    Title:Electronic Transaction security system
    Company:JDK Softwares,NDU.
    Duration:2 Months.
    Languages:C++, Java.

    Title:VB .Net Smart Mail Transfer Protocol
    Company:BSK Infotech Ltd., NBY.
    Duration:3 Months.
    Languages:Visual Basic, .Net


    -Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Access, SAP
    -Software: Microsoft Office, Remedy, Microsoft SQL Server,.NET, FrontPage
    -Languages: C,C++, Java, Oracle,Visual Basic, ASP, XML, XSL, JWS, SQL.
    -Operating Systems : Windows2000/XP, Windows Vista, Linux.


    -Attended a seminar on ' Office Automation' by Dr. ABK.
    -Presented a paper on the topic 'Network Monitoring Based on Java' at University.
    -Participated in the 'Techno-Soft' event organized by NDK College.
    -Played hockey for School & University at various tournaments.
    -Certification in MCP.


    -DOB:14th August 19**
    -Languages known:English,Hindi,Bengali.
    -Address:27,RT road,Ghosh Colony,BDK.